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New work in progress. Seems like I’ve got a bunch of projects that need to be posted soon!

Here’s another sneak peak at one of the designs 😉

Basic CMYK


Hey everyone!

Today I’m just posting some of the stuff that don’t get to have much online publicity (mainly because they are not within the realm of graphic design). I do delve into many other types of art, so I thought it’d be fun to show you guys some things that I do other than graphic art  🙂

These are a photo series that I actually got really into and might want to continue, solely because it looks so strange and intriguing (I don’t have a name for the series yet).


The subjects are my siblings (and I still have a few more!). I like how its a pretty simple, yet complex look. It kind of has this dreamy lighting and colors…

Another photo that I took:


Also, I took a look at my last blog post before I went MIA and I finished the book with those snapshots. If you want to check it and along with my other work, I’ll link it Here.

And one more thing! I have an interview tomorrow for an internship! I hope it turns out well (I mean, it HAS to if he contacted me first, right? Here’s to hoping!)

I hope everyone is doing well,

Till then!

Hi everyone!

So remember that little sneak peak I shared of the poster I was working on a few days ago? I kind of left that dangle somewhere and jumped to something else… >___<  But that’s how things with me! Sometimes I have to be working on several projects at once to regain some creative juices. The real reason was, yes, I got stuck with where to go with it and I couldn’t make certain things work.

So instead, I started a new one and finished that today. It’s more of a fun, experimental piece. I was talking with my sister a few days ago about what sort of projects I should do to stay creative and she mentioned typography. That rang a bell in my head- I love typography! So that’s what I did, a relatively fast typographical poster playing with creating text with shapes and lines. Here’s how it came out!

Its not the most spectacular piece I’ve done…Because again, this was done pretty fast and just for fun. Feel free to check it out on my behance here.

Once more, I hope you are having a spectacular day! It has been raining here all this week, so I’ve been pretty much stuck in the house. But I guess that’s what I’m usually doing anyway    >n<

I’ll post some more stuff soon,

till then, Take care!

Hi everyone!

So I haven’t been posting as much recently due to the overload of work these past weeks. But now that the semester is finally ending hopefully I will be able to work on some of my own work (I haven’t done anything of my own this entire semester!) And also I can start posting inspirational work from other artists again. Because I just realized yesterday that I have not been working on anything of my own, and could also be a good reason why I have felt so jaded recently, I decided to finally just do something for myself, even though I should really be focusing on this final project.

This is what I started on but as usual I got stuck on options. Something I think you all should know about me- I have a huge issue of being extremely indecisive at the best of times, including now. I’m posting some options of what I am working on in terms of color so that you can voice your preference. Again-THIS PIECE IS NOT FINISHED- all I’m asking is your preference of which direction you think I should go (or several-or all of them!)

The last two don’t have as much detail because these screen shots were taken earlier in the process. Your opinions count so thanks in advance!

Take care,