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Hello everybody!

This is an announcement that I will be moving my blog to a new home. You can find it on my website [] under “Blog.” Its basically the same blog with the same posts, just a new location 🙂 I won’t be closing this one quite yet, so if you would like to still follow me, make sure to follow the new one on my website.


I’ve been doing a lot of traveling this summer, so look out for some new work inspired by the journeys soon!

Hope everyone’s tuesday has been good so far~


New work in progress. Seems like I’ve got a bunch of projects that need to be posted soon!

Here’s another sneak peak at one of the designs 😉

Basic CMYK

Hi everybody! Wow, it seems as though a year has past by since the last time I posted on here. Well I can proudly state that I am back and should be posting regularly again. Actually, I came back almost a week ago but I guess it has taken me that long to get over my jet-lag and to settle back into my “old life” again.

Being in Paris was like being under attack constantly with galleries and museums- There’s just too much to look at in a day, a week, or even a month! Just being in the Louvre takes courage to try and see everything (which isn’t going to happen unless you literally take 3 seconds on each painting and sculpture) or trying to keep your feet alive for over 6 hours or to walk up to the furious paparazzi crowd that surrounds the quiet painting- the Mona Lisa. Unfortunately, I find that taking pictures of a painting that you’ve already seen pictures of in textbooks or online is pretty redundant to take yourself, especially if your camera can’t even compete with those photos. So, that said, I will not post any pictures of the sort.

Getting on to the pictures: I went to this famous bakery called Ladurée. This place supposedly invented the colorful french macaroons that paint the windows of most french Patisserries. Not only is its packaging elegant and nicely designed but walking inside is a treat in itself. This is the box that my dessert came in.

The text itself works together wonderfully because of the different “textures” and hierarchy.

I bought this fantastic mouse-pad (yeah a mouse-pad) of a really interesting art piece I found online months before and HAD to get it. I got the mouse-pad because the poster was too expensive, besides, the mouse-pad is the size of my computer!

While I was there I was fortunate enough to find a load of prints tossed in a recycling bin in the school I had my classes. First of all, they were all perfectly fine, second of all, they were Steinlen prints! So I scooped them up and took them home with me, so now I have some free prints 🙂
This picture shows you the small thumbnail versions I also found in the bin:

And a couple of pages from my carnet de voyage (sketchbook journal) while I was in Paris:

This is a three layered piece with cut-out windows.

Hope you all a beautiful day!

Yesterday I went to Auvers-Sur-Oise, the place Vincent Van Gogh spent most of his time and where he died. May I say one of the BEST days I’ve had in Paris thus far? It was the day of a huge village festival so there were many tables set selling great artisan crafts and many delicious food vendors for cheap (I spent most of my money on the food). There was also a marching band that went up and down the street- they were pretty fantastic.

Stringed flags strung across the street. It was windy so they were flapping a lot and they sounded like crowds clapping.

The marching band getting ready to start again.

Then there was this guy.
And he was herding geese.

Ok, NOT the best picture (the guy in the red and on the bike was NOT him. Its the guy behind the geese wearing black and a hat). I took a great video though of the geese being herded by that lovely dog on one end of the street and the marching band playing and approaching on the other end of the street. It was greeeaaat haha!

I went into the house that Van Gogh stayed in and saw the room he gave his last breath in, then saw a heart-throbbing slideshow about his thoughts and how much he loved the country side… Yeah…I have a greater and new found respect and appreciation for Van Gogh. But the town was absolutely lovely and was exactly how Vincent had described it: Picturesque.




My friends and I went to visit his grave and along the way we stumbled upon his wheat fields. I cannot tell you enough just how excited we all were! They were gorgeous!

My friend Ellie in the wheat field.



The unforgiving sky…

It was also neat because the town had signs with some of Van Gogh’s paintings of the spots he painted- IN the exact spot. Check it out:

OK maybe not the best shot of this angle but this is where he painted this painting! There were many more too, one of the church and more of the wheat field.

We saw his and his brother Theodore’s graves sitting together peacefully in a beautiful cemetery. I went back a second time to drop off a flower for the two brothers.


Again, everything this day was beautiful and the festival was lively, fun, and entertaining. There was a section with animals running around and you could pet a goat or bunny. They also had horses for small children to ride and some kiddy ride (although I TOTALLY wanted to go on it, sadly I forgot to). Everyone was in high spirits, the weather turned out to be breezy (a bit chilly in the morning and it sprinkled on us a bit but otherwise was still lovely).

Talk to you all soon!

Another one of my excursions out of the city in Paris to Vaux le Vicomte. We went on the night they lit over 2,000 candles in the castle and in the gardens.

This first one was a visit to see an amazing Anish Kapoor piece that was insanely huge and was like a breathing creature. Pretty fantastic.

Saw the Moulin Rouge (HAD to see it :P)

And not too far was the Amelie Cafe! The cafe that was set in the movie 🙂 I had a mocha mint frappe and my sister got the creme brulee (which was amazing).

And here we are! Finally made it to Vaux le Vicomte. The grounds are enormous, I would seriously take an evening stroll there every day if I could. Sadly I can’t because it is extremely far from where I am staying (we took a long bus trip there so I wouldn’t know how to get there anyway, plus you have to pay to get in).

Thats about it for now. I apologize for not posting as often as I would have liked (and now my site stats are taking a plunge as well! Oh darn…I’ll have to pick things up once I get back to the states. Till then, hope everyone is living their lives to the fullest.

A Bientot!


We went out to the country side today, far from the bustling city of Paris. It was a gorgeous day out, a bit chilly, but perfect for wearing a light blazer/jacket and scarf. We also took it easy compared to our intense walking days and got to relax and roam around after our tour of the contemporary gallery (which was held in this old castle). The art was really neat and it was the first time our class was all together and we could mingle and chat.

Some pictures of where I went today… 🙂

The park portions of this place was just beautiful. And it was HUGE. I couldn’t even explore the entire place, but it was still fantastic seeing miles of greenery and children playing 🙂

Some of the art in the gallery:

Bonjour! (it would actually be “bonsoir” here)

I’ll post just a few pictures of what I did today. First of all, if I haven’t mentioned it before, there is never a dull day here. My schedule is packed and loaded with so much to do and so much going on that my feet are falling off my legs, but I’m enjoying every bit of it (other than the slight pains and such). Today was officially my first day of class. We went to Jeu De Paume and saw an exhibit on Claude Cahun (the pre-Cindy Sherman) and the South African photographer Santu Mofokeng.

Below is the Jeu de Paume

My sister snapping some photos



The buildings in Paris are just gorgeous. Everywhere you walk is an interesting sight and its like your walking through history by being surrounded by all the old architecture and unique little shops (other than the touristy areas). I can’t ever find myself saying anything looks trashy or dirty (it just adds to the rusticness to it!) You could also see an amazing view of the fantastic monuments in Paris. I walked pass the Luxor Obelisk (the tall structure in front of the Eiffel Tower) which is the oldest monument in Paris- dating 3,300 years old. It was a gift from Egypt. I have not yet visited the Eiffel Tower but my day is set and I am ever so excited (no matter how stereotypical it is…but I most definitely am enjoying the rest of Paris!)

After the museum, my sister and I went to the Notre Dame.

We were awe-struck.
The Notre Dame is something you must see yourself. just the size of the cathedral is breath-taking and catches you off guard because of how close it is to other buildings and how it pops up out of nowhere. The size makes you feel so insignificant and it amazes me how humans were able to create such architecture centuries ago…there really isn’t much I can say about it because I cannot find the correct or proper words to describe this monumental work of art.

Hey all! As you know, I’m currently studying abroad in Paris for a month, which leaves great opportunities to share what I find. The only problem is that the internet is very unreliable at my current residence so because of this problem, I probably won’t be posting anything for the month of June (I apologize greatly!) But I’ll try to get a post or two in whenever I can…

Paris is a beautiful city with tons to do and not a single place that is dull. It can be very tedious to get settled in familiar with all the transportation (but its amazing! you can get practically anywhere with it and walk the rest of the distance!). Days are extremely long, the Sun rises early and sets late (I woke up around 6am thinking it was late because of how bright it was outside, but it clearly wasn’t!) and it doesn’t start to get dark till 9:30pm (I’m getting a little confused at when dinner time and bed time is because of this -__-).

All in all, the first day was pretty interesting…I did all the touristy things today, like going to Montmarte and riding the Bateau Mouche (tourist boat ride). I basically got robbed about $20 by two men…won’t get into that story now, but I was basically upset with myself the rest of the day. But I’ll have to get over that…Don’t want to ruin the rest of the trip (still got lots to do!) And BOY did I get a full workout. I was moving about the entire day, quite tiring for an out-of-shape girl, but it was rather enjoyable (once I got home and ate). Hopefully the rest of the month is much much kinder and exciting 🙂

Hope for the best for everyone,

Au revoir!

After today, my posts will be based on my days abroad in Paris (so in a sense, it will temporarily turn into a travel blog haha). My plane leaves tomorrow and I cannot tell you enough how excited I am to get over there. My posts will probably be short, as they usually are, due to my limited time in the day I’ll have to be online and because I’m a person of few words (I do poorly when I try to explain something in depth). Anyhow, today I’ve got some french entertainment designs to share.

Below are two movie posters for french films:

Different styles, but interesting nonetheless.

I also discovered recently that the French love graffiti and street art. One such artist I stumbled upon is JR- a french artist who displays his work publicly in some of the largest cities by mounting enormous black and white photos onto (most of the time unauthorized) spaces. He calls it the largest exhibit in the world.

Pretty astounding and profound… If you love his work and would like to see more of his universal work, follow this link > JR Photos

And I’ll see you all in Europe!

When I made my first post a couple weeks ago, it was about my trip to Paris. Well its still true! I’ll be leaving next tuesday! I’m tremedously excited, especially since it will be officially my first experience out of the country. So today’s post is French inspired in honor of this exciting event.

This was simply something I found that would definitely give you the idea and feel for Paris (as the Eiffel Tower can do that easily)

I found a fantastic French graphic designer, Toan Vu-Huu, who has some beautiful pieces. If you like his work, you can visit his website I will only post some of his pieces to give you a sneak peak of his work: very clean, elegant, and slightly playful as a French artist should be  =)

“Logo for the symposium event Berlin–Paris 2030 […]” — Toan Vu-Huu

This is the portfolio for French Architects Élisabeth Naud and Luc Poux.

A postcard for visual identity…

This link > click here! shows you all the amazing things you can do as a graphic designer with one design

Definitely definitely check him out! He’s an amazing graphic artist worth gawking at. Hope your day is friendly!

à bientôt!