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Hello everybody!

This is an announcement that I will be moving my blog to a new home. You can find it on my website [] under “Blog.” Its basically the same blog with the same posts, just a new location 🙂 I won’t be closing this one quite yet, so if you would like to still follow me, make sure to follow the new one on my website.


I’ve been doing a lot of traveling this summer, so look out for some new work inspired by the journeys soon!

Hope everyone’s tuesday has been good so far~


New work in progress. Seems like I’ve got a bunch of projects that need to be posted soon!

Here’s another sneak peak at one of the designs 😉

Basic CMYK

Good Morning!

I just wanted to make a quick post on what I am currently working on. I’m doing a project called “10, 10, 100” (10 people, 10 questions, 100 answers). What it is is that I asked 10 people 10 questions about my topic, which in this case is childhood. Then I create a spread reflecting that person’s answers and/or personality.

Here are some snaps/sneak peaks:

Picture 1  Picture 9  Picture 10  Picture 11  Picture 12  Picture 13  Picture 14  Picture 15

Hi everyone!

So remember that little sneak peak I shared of the poster I was working on a few days ago? I kind of left that dangle somewhere and jumped to something else… >___<  But that’s how things with me! Sometimes I have to be working on several projects at once to regain some creative juices. The real reason was, yes, I got stuck with where to go with it and I couldn’t make certain things work.

So instead, I started a new one and finished that today. It’s more of a fun, experimental piece. I was talking with my sister a few days ago about what sort of projects I should do to stay creative and she mentioned typography. That rang a bell in my head- I love typography! So that’s what I did, a relatively fast typographical poster playing with creating text with shapes and lines. Here’s how it came out!

Its not the most spectacular piece I’ve done…Because again, this was done pretty fast and just for fun. Feel free to check it out on my behance here.

Once more, I hope you are having a spectacular day! It has been raining here all this week, so I’ve been pretty much stuck in the house. But I guess that’s what I’m usually doing anyway    >n<

I’ll post some more stuff soon,

till then, Take care!

Hello everybody!

Its time for another post of my most recent projects! Today I will be sharing the wrapping paper I designed for the imaginary company Wrap Happy (which I also invented :P)

To start things off, let me tell you a little about the company. Wrap Happy is a gift wrap company that focuses on the emotional aspect of gift-giving and receiving gifts. The emotions that prompt us to give gifts are displayed and illustrated through these papers. People give all sorts of gifts, from birthdays and holidays to the simple “just because” gift. I designed four different lines of paper for Wrap Happy but kept with a common style of illustrations and limited color palette to tie them all together. Since my project only required to make four different papers, I did mine on some basic themes such as love/romance, friendship, the winter holidays, and an everyday multipurpose wrapping paper.

I also had to create the packaging that the rolls of paper came in if someone wanted to buy them as a set. My original idea for the packaging was SO different from the actual outcome, due to my inability to find the right materials… So that evolved into another idea…which then was changed into ANOTHER idea because the measurements of the board I got was off. So basically, I had lots of trouble with the packaging but it didn’t end up too bad, considering how last minute I put the whole thing together (please don’t pay attention to the horrible craft quality! >__<)

You can also see more info and pictures of this project on my behance portfolio >>>> HEEERE

I hope you guys enjoyed this project and I’ll talk to you soon!

Good Morning everybody!

So I realized that I haven’t posted my more recent works…although by now, they aren’t so recent anymore. This is the book I did after “Irony of Psychology” titled “In Parallel.”

This is a Leporella (fold) style book, which unfolds like an accordion. I made a quick slip case cover at the time but I now know how to make a much better one, so I’ll try to make a new one in the future.

This book has two sides (when opened completely, front and back) each side representing myself and my twin sister. It’s told as a sort of metaphorical story of the journeys we’ve taken in our lives thus far and how they may have started out similar but end differently.

The book was made so that various sentences could be made between the pages. For example, you can change the meaning of a text by folding different pages as such:

The purpose of this effect was to demonstrate the complexity of words, and how words hold underlying meanings. Its also done to contain more content than what it appears to be and how different situations can change a perspective.

You can’t see it in the pictures but I also added some silver into the pages to give an extra touch (can’t keep it boring!)

The book makes a full circle, meaning the final page connects into the first page, with the statement “no exodus I am reborn again.”And that’s it! I’ll update another “book” I made after this one. I say “book” in quotations because the book’s form doesn’t look like a traditional book, but still functions as one…yeah I’ll tell you more about it in my next post! Haha

If any of you are interested in this book, here’s the link to the project on my Behance portfolio: Click MEEE!

You can check out some of my other projects there as well if you’d like. I’ll be posting them up here as well in the future. Till then, take care guys!

Hey all!

I’ve been pretty busy this past year, mostly because of the huge workload I’ve been getting and now with a job underway, I’ll be more swamped than ever! I still want to keep up with some of my own posters though so I started working on one again. Here’s a little sneakpeek at what I’m working on:

I haven’t actually done a lot yet, I still consider it in the very beginning stages (so its not much to look at!) I’ll have to see where this one goes since it isn’t exactly something I had in mind of working on.

Happy Saturday everyone, and a special shoutout to my sister: Happy Birthday Keia [Kato-Berndt]!!   Hope the day is planned with special festivities. Wish I could be there.


Hey everyone! Wow, long time no post. I realize I should get back into blogging, even though I feel like I don’t have as much time as I once did. I’ve been researching a lot of cool artists, mostly through my classes, and I don’t even know where to start! For today, I’m posting my most recent work I’ve completed and feel pretty proud about. This piece is called “The Irony of Psychology.” This is an artist book that deals a lot with how a lot of the times we human beings emotionally contradict ourselves. It is probably more of a personal piece than anything, but because of that, I feel like this was one of the first times I understood what it meant to “express yourself through art.” Of course, there were little issues with the actual fabrication of the book itself, but it was my first time making an entire book from scratch using materials and methods I hadn’t used prior to this project.





If you want to see more images of the book and some of my other work you can visit my portfolio on the behance network or visit my website. This is a really short post today, mainly because I have a LOT of catching up to do… But I hope your day is going well and that you can find some inspiration to continue doing what you love.

Take care guys.

Hey everyone!

I finished the poster I was working on earlier this week today. Thanks for all the feedback! In the end, I decided to go with the red fish but changed the lines to white, it looked cleaner to me and helped the fish stand out (as opposed to the black lines). Hopefully I can get this printed, I’m also thinking of having it for my juries (which is like a huge portfolio review of the work I’ve done this semester). I started a second one to day and because school is just about done, I should be working on more stuff 🙂  I am extremely happy that this semester is over, it has been a long long ride. And obstacles. The weather has also been extremely nice this week, I hope it stays longer than it usually does.

Hmmm I guess that’s it for right now. My posts have been getting considerably shorter, but I suppose that isn’t a big problem. By the way- Art Basel is this week so if you live in Miami definitely go check it out! I couldn’t go today because I had class, but I do plan to go this weekend. For some reason I feel a little more hyped up about it this year. Anyway, have a great weekend you guys!

Hi everyone!

So I haven’t been posting as much recently due to the overload of work these past weeks. But now that the semester is finally ending hopefully I will be able to work on some of my own work (I haven’t done anything of my own this entire semester!) And also I can start posting inspirational work from other artists again. Because I just realized yesterday that I have not been working on anything of my own, and could also be a good reason why I have felt so jaded recently, I decided to finally just do something for myself, even though I should really be focusing on this final project.

This is what I started on but as usual I got stuck on options. Something I think you all should know about me- I have a huge issue of being extremely indecisive at the best of times, including now. I’m posting some options of what I am working on in terms of color so that you can voice your preference. Again-THIS PIECE IS NOT FINISHED- all I’m asking is your preference of which direction you think I should go (or several-or all of them!)

The last two don’t have as much detail because these screen shots were taken earlier in the process. Your opinions count so thanks in advance!

Take care,