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The school year is beginning once again, which means its crunch time.

So I’ve been invited to participate in a pretty exciting project this year, which is being involved in Art Basel this upcoming winter. My school has a gallery in Wynwood and I happily accepted to have a piece up during Art Basel week. Even though Art Basel isn’t until a couple more months, I really need to get an idea together, which is proving difficult. I want to share some of my findings of some cool work that came up in my research for a piece to create (there are so many- I just can’t decide what I want to do!)

Here we go:

This top photo is a really cool piece and I was particularly drawn to it because of how it takes up the entire wall (which is sort of along the lines of what I’m trying to do). I’m not sure what medium it is, but it looks like paper, which is something that I love.

This next one is an alphabet made from glass. In the photo, it looks as though its attached to a wall, but its really just the angle of the photo (if you look to the bottom left you can see that its all sitting on a desk). But how cool would it be if it WERE attached to the wall?

This amazing wall piece by AJ Fosik is made from wood and nails. His works remind me of 3-dimensional versions of Niark1‘s illustrations.

Love the colors, shapes, and content of this sculpture! By Thomas Keeley

This last sculpture, which is time based, is really amazing. Created by Jiyeon Song, this piece reveals lines from a poem during different parts of the day. Viewers can have different experiences with the piece depending on when and how long the watch the piece.

These are just a few of the art works I’ve come across in my research. Lots of amazing work, but so amazing, that I just want to replicate it! (which obviously can’t be done).

Hope everyone was safe from Isaac!


Hi guys,

I haven’t posted any inspirational art or artists for a while, so now’s a good time to get back into that habit. I was browsing around the web for inspiration for my final project when I came across the artist Haroshi. His series of works are made from recycled used skateboards in which he creates these beautiful wooden sculptures. They keep the wooden integrity while adding specks of color in the pieces. They are hyper realistic (which is incredible to think its made of wood in some of them) but keep a playful tone to it. His work just seems honest, honest to what he loves to do, in this case skateboarding and making art. They are simple sculptures yet extremely complicated within the sculpture’s simple form. Because of the duality of his work on being complicatedly simple, he creates this sort of elegance that sends you in awe. At least it does for me 😛

Here are some of his works, ranging in scale, complexity, and subject.


If you find him as amazing as I do, here’s his link to his website:

Stay motivated and inspired!


There is the grey scale and then there is color. When you add color to a design, it creates a whole other dimension to the idea and function. Its always a good idea to add color to a piece because we humans are attracted to it and color will make your piece stand out in the blandness of a neutral wall or building.

As a designer, I personally love color. The brighter they are, the more attention grabbing it is (of course I’m not saying all great pieces have to be obnoxiously psychedelic neon). It grabs a person’s attention because it stands out from the city-scape backdrop and pleases the eye. For instance, pink and green are calming colors and promotes relaxation in people. Perhaps that is why some people feel at peace when surrounded by nature, and as Vicki Santillano and Divine Carolinehow state, “how angry could you stay in a bright pink room?” Red and yellow are high stimulating colors which is probably why they are used in traffic lights. They force your eye to notice it, like poppies in a field.

mmmm now lets see some cupcakes :]

Feel the difference? Most, if not all, people are much more attracted to the rainbow of colors in the second image, 1) because its bright, 2) it is associated with happiness and joy. Color also adds a sense of fun to a design, or rather, almost anything. That’s why so many children’s toys, furniture, and accessories are so full of bright colors- its carefree and not perceived as serious.

Going back to how it relates to design work and art, it creates more possibilities for the look of the piece. It also allows room for cluing in the audience to the entire message being given. A pop of color can instantly “brighten” the mood of a piece and ultimately affect the people who are surrounded by it, using it, or viewing it. It overall creates a more positive outlook in the audience.

I love this cake! It makes me feel like it was specifically made for artists because it looks like the color wheel :]

Color can also be used as a medium to unify the entire composition of an image as seen above. And here are some other photos just for the heck of it:

Filling your day with color ❤

Take care!

Hi everyone!

While I’m busy trying to figure out what I am doing for my next art project and final project, I am once again side tracked by awesome artists and artworks (although I guess it isn’t really considered “side-tracking” :P). If you have never heard of Friends With You, check them out now! I love collecting designer toys (or rather WISHING I could buy them all…) and I remember buying one of FWY’s designer toys for my older sister. I forgot the name of it until today when my colleagues said one of my vector characters reminded him of it.

Honestly, if I saw these guys walking around that would make my day. They just bring so much happiness to a place, which is exactly their purpose. Friends With You brings luck, joy, and magic with their colorful characters and happy faces. They also opened up “Rainbow City” in New York City which collected thousands of visitors a day! It was basically a huge park with huge blown-up rainbow inflatables. I don’t really know what you did there but I won’t lie, I would  have gone.

A beach ball…I live in Miami…hmm

The best part of all this? The two creators are from Miami 🙂

Visit their website for more happy walking inflatables: FriendsWithYou

Contrasting FWY but similar in style is a better known artist I love, Takashi Murakami. I say contrasting because of the intent of his artwork and characters. I admit that I didn’t know the meaning behind his work until quite recently. Murakami revolutionized the world of art by questioning the line between western and eastern cultures. He also challenges the lines between art and commerce and history and culture. His most recent installations have been about the post A-bomb Japanese popular culture which of course can have a dark connotation to it.

His psychedelic paintings are absolutely amazing.

Look how happy he looks! How often do you see an adult japanese man walking around in an all flower suit? You gotta love this guy…

I am seriously considering doing my final project on one of my characters…I keep thinking about it.

Make a WISH! 🙂


Design by FLY_ART_S on the Behance Network.

My sister showed me something really amazing yesterday. She sent me a link about a huge tower made entirely out of 30,000 neon post It notes! This project was done by Tato and his students from Kyoto University of Art and Design (this is installed at the ARTZONE Gallery in Kyoto City, Japan).

Ever since my project in Paris dealt with Post It notes I have found the medium to be quite compelling and meaningful. My project was inserted into the city of Paris and was meant to be taken apart by the city’s dwellers. The full piece had the words “Prenez Celui” which translates to “Take One” in french. Post It notes have so much connotation to it based on what its main use for it is, such as writing “to do” lists, reminders or memos, shopping lists, notes to a friend, or in my case writing important login information for various school related online systems. Because of the meaning behind the Post It notes, I definitely feel the impact of the piece.

Actually, I find it really coincidental that my sister sent this to me yesterday. I am suppose to be thinking of my final project for this semester already and began brainstorming ideas about small boxes, something “light” or elegant and having multiples of it set in a structured way. Then I see this article and BAM. This is it. This is what I want to do. I mean, this is close to perfectly what I want to do. Of course I can not simply reproduce someone’s else idea so my brainstorming isn’t completely completed yet. If you want to read more about this article click here. There are some beautiful photos of the intricate designs these sticky notes make.

This photo is of my project done in Paris during the duration of installation. I admit it isn’t as glamorous as these other projects are (see below) and I could have gone further with it but now that I see what CAN be done with them, I am definitely inspired and hoping to do something more exciting in the future.

Here are some other photos of the creativity of Post Its.

If you go to you will see various projects, of which all of them are spectacular, made with Post It notes (the above photo is one of them). The first one that shows up on the page reminds me of my project, the interaction with the people in the area. For me, interactive art work makes a piece more personable and fun because it is more than just looking at something- you are a part of the art.

I hope this inspires you and has opened your mind to the wonders of creating something wonderful out of an ordinary and common object. Keep your minds open!

Yesterday I went to Auvers-Sur-Oise, the place Vincent Van Gogh spent most of his time and where he died. May I say one of the BEST days I’ve had in Paris thus far? It was the day of a huge village festival so there were many tables set selling great artisan crafts and many delicious food vendors for cheap (I spent most of my money on the food). There was also a marching band that went up and down the street- they were pretty fantastic.

Stringed flags strung across the street. It was windy so they were flapping a lot and they sounded like crowds clapping.

The marching band getting ready to start again.

Then there was this guy.
And he was herding geese.

Ok, NOT the best picture (the guy in the red and on the bike was NOT him. Its the guy behind the geese wearing black and a hat). I took a great video though of the geese being herded by that lovely dog on one end of the street and the marching band playing and approaching on the other end of the street. It was greeeaaat haha!

I went into the house that Van Gogh stayed in and saw the room he gave his last breath in, then saw a heart-throbbing slideshow about his thoughts and how much he loved the country side… Yeah…I have a greater and new found respect and appreciation for Van Gogh. But the town was absolutely lovely and was exactly how Vincent had described it: Picturesque.




My friends and I went to visit his grave and along the way we stumbled upon his wheat fields. I cannot tell you enough just how excited we all were! They were gorgeous!

My friend Ellie in the wheat field.



The unforgiving sky…

It was also neat because the town had signs with some of Van Gogh’s paintings of the spots he painted- IN the exact spot. Check it out:

OK maybe not the best shot of this angle but this is where he painted this painting! There were many more too, one of the church and more of the wheat field.

We saw his and his brother Theodore’s graves sitting together peacefully in a beautiful cemetery. I went back a second time to drop off a flower for the two brothers.


Again, everything this day was beautiful and the festival was lively, fun, and entertaining. There was a section with animals running around and you could pet a goat or bunny. They also had horses for small children to ride and some kiddy ride (although I TOTALLY wanted to go on it, sadly I forgot to). Everyone was in high spirits, the weather turned out to be breezy (a bit chilly in the morning and it sprinkled on us a bit but otherwise was still lovely).

Talk to you all soon!

As I inch nearer my trip over seas, I’ll be posting more relevant posts of that culture. As many of you know (if not all), Paris is a place where cafes are focal points for socializing, working, and for relaxing. You can practically find one at every corner of every street and easily sit with a cup of coffee and light sandwich or croissant while chatting, surfing the web, reading, or even thinking.

Because coffee is such a large part of french culture (just as wine accompanies most meals, coffee is almost always usually ordered at the end of a meal), I want to share some designs for a coffee shop branding. These come from one of my favorite graphic design studios, A-Side, which is set in the UK. This particular branding is for Origin Coffee.

Origin’s coffee cups. Simple, professional, and clean. The bottom one is more playful and colorful but still retains its elegance with its languid lines and muted color palette.

A coffee table book (below: cover and interior)

The coffee packaging (below)

And a breath-taking flyer that would definitely grab my attention as soon as I set eyes on it.

Please please visit their website for more creative and unique designs. It feeds my appetite for cool design and if I need inspiration and I promise you you’ll find something to your liking =]

Click Here to visit their website.

Have a good one!

When I made my first post a couple weeks ago, it was about my trip to Paris. Well its still true! I’ll be leaving next tuesday! I’m tremedously excited, especially since it will be officially my first experience out of the country. So today’s post is French inspired in honor of this exciting event.

This was simply something I found that would definitely give you the idea and feel for Paris (as the Eiffel Tower can do that easily)

I found a fantastic French graphic designer, Toan Vu-Huu, who has some beautiful pieces. If you like his work, you can visit his website I will only post some of his pieces to give you a sneak peak of his work: very clean, elegant, and slightly playful as a French artist should be  =)

“Logo for the symposium event Berlin–Paris 2030 […]” — Toan Vu-Huu

This is the portfolio for French Architects Élisabeth Naud and Luc Poux.

A postcard for visual identity…

This link > click here! shows you all the amazing things you can do as a graphic designer with one design

Definitely definitely check him out! He’s an amazing graphic artist worth gawking at. Hope your day is friendly!

à bientôt!