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The school year is beginning once again, which means its crunch time.

So I’ve been invited to participate in a pretty exciting project this year, which is being involved in Art Basel this upcoming winter. My school has a gallery in Wynwood and I happily accepted to have a piece up during Art Basel week. Even though Art Basel isn’t until a couple more months, I really need to get an idea together, which is proving difficult. I want to share some of my findings of some cool work that came up in my research for a piece to create (there are so many- I just can’t decide what I want to do!)

Here we go:

This top photo is a really cool piece and I was particularly drawn to it because of how it takes up the entire wall (which is sort of along the lines of what I’m trying to do). I’m not sure what medium it is, but it looks like paper, which is something that I love.

This next one is an alphabet made from glass. In the photo, it looks as though its attached to a wall, but its really just the angle of the photo (if you look to the bottom left you can see that its all sitting on a desk). But how cool would it be if it WERE attached to the wall?

This amazing wall piece by AJ Fosik is made from wood and nails. His works remind me of 3-dimensional versions of Niark1‘s illustrations.

Love the colors, shapes, and content of this sculpture! By Thomas Keeley

This last sculpture, which is time based, is really amazing. Created by Jiyeon Song, this piece reveals lines from a poem during different parts of the day. Viewers can have different experiences with the piece depending on when and how long the watch the piece.

These are just a few of the art works I’ve come across in my research. Lots of amazing work, but so amazing, that I just want to replicate it! (which obviously can’t be done).

Hope everyone was safe from Isaac!


Hi guys,

I haven’t posted any inspirational art or artists for a while, so now’s a good time to get back into that habit. I was browsing around the web for inspiration for my final project when I came across the artist Haroshi. His series of works are made from recycled used skateboards in which he creates these beautiful wooden sculptures. They keep the wooden integrity while adding specks of color in the pieces. They are hyper realistic (which is incredible to think its made of wood in some of them) but keep a playful tone to it. His work just seems honest, honest to what he loves to do, in this case skateboarding and making art. They are simple sculptures yet extremely complicated within the sculpture’s simple form. Because of the duality of his work on being complicatedly simple, he creates this sort of elegance that sends you in awe. At least it does for me 😛

Here are some of his works, ranging in scale, complexity, and subject.


If you find him as amazing as I do, here’s his link to his website:

Stay motivated and inspired!


Hi everyone!

I know I haven’t posted in a long while, due to several projects assigned simultaneously. The latest project I finished was a conceptual piece, and although I think all art has concept applied, this piece is weighed more heavily on its concept rather than its aesthetics. I apologize in advance for the poor photos, I wasn’t able to get better pictures, especially since there were students that were in the way and didn’t want to move -___- Anyway, you can still get the idea with these photos. My entire piece takes up a lot of the space in the hallway because there is a pair of binoculars in the middle of the hall in which you are to look through and see the word “focus” fixed on the opposite wall at the end of the hallway.

This is the piece in the hallway and at the end of the hall (where the kids are sitting) there is the word “focus” on top (you might be able to spot some funny grey spot on the wall. That’s where the word is).

I’ll let you figure out what it means  > u O

I should be posting up more of my design stuff soon, I’m working on three logos and their packages, so stay tuned!

Till then, Seeya!

Today’s post is a little bit random, but I always find those to be fun. I have a fascination with pop-ups. You definitely have to have skill to create them and its actually a lot of work (trust me, I’ve done it) so when I see insane designs it blows my mind. I found this insane video on ABC3D Alphabet Pop-up book that is incredibly creative, well crafted, and clever design. The ideas are somewhat simple yet the execution of them are far from that! “ABC3D is an innovative and exciting new alphabet pop-up book by French designer, Marion Bataille.”

Some screen shots:

Definitely check out the video, its so much more impacting watching it in action than these pictures.

This one isn’t really a pop-up but I thought it was neat as well as this next one 🙂

I was going to share some other neat art other than paper/pop-ups which is why I initally said this post would be random, but I think the pop-ups alone is enough for today 🙂

What are some of your favorite  paper/pop-up art?

Hi everyone,

I apologize for not posting in so long! I’ve been extremely busy this past week because all my projects were due and I was scrambling to finish them. My box project was due this past wednesday so I wanted to share with you how it came out. I’m actually really happy about the outcome because the night before, everything was crashing down on how I would install the actual piece in the classroom and everything I had worked on went down the drain (so to speak). What I ended up doing ironically became a MUCH better solution to my original plan, maybe God really does do everything for a purpose. Anyway, on to the photos!

The first two photos show the set-up of the piece with the lights on. I didn’t take photos of what the final decision for the draping turned out to be, which I tacked onto the wall so it became more part of the piece, but I was still partial to it…I’m not sure if that was the best way to display it… anyway, these pictures will suffice.

And here are the photos of the piece in action! (not literally)

My idea was relatively simple. I wanted to make boxes out of shadows, something that isn’t completely tangible but delineates space, and I chose to do four boxes to show how I play with light and the requirements of making the medium casting the shadow smaller in order to keep the same 3-inch width. The piece was focused a lot of technicality and I guess, in a way more graphical. The spacing between each box was 3 1/2 inches, the width and heights of them were all 3″ x 3″ and were horizontally aligned. The hardest part was getting the light to be in the perfect spot where all of the boxes were even (I got worried when it was my turn for critique because someone had moved the light…exactly what I was paranoid about but I fixed it).

My next project is due next week so I’ll show you that one when its done (I need to buy the materials this weekend). And again, sorry for neglecting my blog for a while, I’ll make another post with graphic design soon!

Enjoy the weekend ~

Today I’m talking TOYS! Okay, so who hasn’t heard of kidrobot? I actually just discovered one of their stores in my city yesterday as I was coming back from the Bass Museum (in Miami). I definitely have to go back and check it out, these stores are definitely not common! If you are a fan of kidrobot then I can probably infer that you are fond of designer toys. Unfortunately, due to their expensive prices I don’t have the collection I would like to imagine having, but I think I might consider collecting them in the future, haha (maybe).

I’m not particularly advertising kidrobot in specifically and I’m certainly not getting paid by them to do so (although that would be nice), just the idea of the toys. They are unique by their non-conventional designs that coat the objects. I find them to be somewhat inspirational for graphic design and in a sense, the two are very alike. Its basically taking a flat design and placing it on something 3 dimensional.

or sometimes plain and simple and focused more on the shape and space that it occupies.

The two above give better examples of graphic designs translated onto a 3D object. It also allows for another option for graphic artists to display their art in more interesting ways that can also be mass produced.

Kidrobot doesn’t only have designer toys, they have usable devices such as flashdrives, clothing, books, and an assortment of flat merchandise. And if you are starting to question art and commercialism, I am not going to discuss it now because trust me, this is a topic that can last for a while and has caused some heated discussions within my family.

There are also other designer toys such as Friends with You, Tokidoki, and many other artists.

This next one is a paper toy by Shin Tanaka. The one on the right is a vinyl version of the same character, his T-BOY.

So really, you can be as creative as you want and make toys out of practically almost anything! (Preferably things that won’t rot). Watch out for when I create my line of toys! 😀 Hah, I’ll definitely let you all be the first to know if that ever happens.

Till then, take care guys!

Hey everybody!

This was my second assignment I did for my sculpture class. The instructions were literally to sculpt the nude model in front of us out of a block of clay, with as much detail and correct proportions possible. Hmm, okay.

How much time do we have to build this? Two days.


So I get to work, not to mention this is the first time I have ever really worked with clay and a model. Eventually I get to a point where I’m just doing it, building, subtracting, moving around the room and it begins to look somewhat like a person. I leave the first day and feel pretty satisfied with where I am with the piece. I come back the following class and lo and behold! Our model transformed into something COMPLETELY different. The only thing that literally remained the same was her gender. My instructors then tell us that because the model is different, we have to adjust our sculptures to look like this new model. Looovely. Haha, so I never got to the extreme details that I had planned but for the time given to us (basically sort of shortened to one and maybe a half days) it came out pretty well.

I apologize for the poor photo quality, I took these photos at night and haven’t had the chance to take some better ones yet. Here are some other views of it (I didn’t get a view of the back, oops).

So it isn’t a masterpiece, but I’m pretty happy with it. 🙂

Hi everyone!

While I’m busy trying to figure out what I am doing for my next art project and final project, I am once again side tracked by awesome artists and artworks (although I guess it isn’t really considered “side-tracking” :P). If you have never heard of Friends With You, check them out now! I love collecting designer toys (or rather WISHING I could buy them all…) and I remember buying one of FWY’s designer toys for my older sister. I forgot the name of it until today when my colleagues said one of my vector characters reminded him of it.

Honestly, if I saw these guys walking around that would make my day. They just bring so much happiness to a place, which is exactly their purpose. Friends With You brings luck, joy, and magic with their colorful characters and happy faces. They also opened up “Rainbow City” in New York City which collected thousands of visitors a day! It was basically a huge park with huge blown-up rainbow inflatables. I don’t really know what you did there but I won’t lie, I would  have gone.

A beach ball…I live in Miami…hmm

The best part of all this? The two creators are from Miami 🙂

Visit their website for more happy walking inflatables: FriendsWithYou

Contrasting FWY but similar in style is a better known artist I love, Takashi Murakami. I say contrasting because of the intent of his artwork and characters. I admit that I didn’t know the meaning behind his work until quite recently. Murakami revolutionized the world of art by questioning the line between western and eastern cultures. He also challenges the lines between art and commerce and history and culture. His most recent installations have been about the post A-bomb Japanese popular culture which of course can have a dark connotation to it.

His psychedelic paintings are absolutely amazing.

Look how happy he looks! How often do you see an adult japanese man walking around in an all flower suit? You gotta love this guy…

I am seriously considering doing my final project on one of my characters…I keep thinking about it.

Make a WISH! 🙂

As I have been mentioning in some of my previous posts, I had a project I was working on for my art class. Here is what was produced:

The title of this piece is “Fitting In.” It is about the struggles of trying to “fit” into specific social circles and trying to feel wanted and accepted by a community. No matter how hard you (or the stuffed animals rather) try to literally fit into the glass, they will never make it to the desired destination because they will never be satisfied with what they have. In this sense, the true battle is an internal one where the problem they’re facing is really within themselves.

At the bottom of each glass is a mirror reflecting the heart of the struggle and the real problem being faced.

This presentation is also ironic because in a way, all of them are fitting in with each other by doing the same thing: squishing their bodies into a tight bottle. Sadly, they are blinded by their own perceptions of reality and focused on reaching an unattainable goal. So why stuffed animals? We’ve had them since childhood, a time where they were our friends along with imaginary ones. And because I’m sure most of us have had at least one stuffed animal that was dear to us in our lives, we feel bad seeing them suffer this way and create an emotional attachment to them.

I know that this is a problem I have also dealt with and can easily consume a person. But just like this piece is saying, I know that I am not the only person who struggles with finding acceptance or a sense of belonging. We’re all right next to each other not realizing our mutual feelings.

Enjoy the photos! Haha.

On a window sill…