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Today’s entry is a simple post. Here’s another abstract photo I took today. I’m finding that taking these abstract photos are really enjoyable and relaxing. It is also fun to experiment different techniques with them. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this photograph 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your night.


Hi all!

As promised, here is my second post for my Typa-blog. This one was done relatively fast so it may not seem as polished as my previous one, but I wanted to make sure I had one for today. Hopefully I can produce more sophisticated pieces throughout the week but I am a bit swamped with work. Today’s entry is a short one.

Ever heard of the phrase “cute as a button?” Do you agree with the saying or do you think it doesn’t make sense at all? Let me know in the comments! Hmm all of these buttons may be telling me something about Halloween coming up…

Hey everybody!

I was talking with my sister the other day who is also studying design and she mentioned keeping a typography journal. I think its actually a really good idea. It keeps your brain working as well as the creative juices flowing. So what I’m going to start doing is keeping a typographic journal, or typojournal…or typoblog…type-a-blog. TYPA-BLOG! Hah… you’ve just witnessed my brain in action.

By doing this, it should help me to post more often, show you some more interesting works of my own, and mostly help me stay creative and active in design because all of this other homework is getting the best of me. To start this Typa-blog, here’s my first image I did today. It went through several stages before finally ending up as this and I’m pretty satisfied with how it came out 🙂

It isn’t an obvious photo where its completely light and happy as the word denotes. Instead, it is set in a dark setting but the word “smile” is lit like a candle referencing how the simplest act or kindest gesture can warm someone’s heart or brighten someone’s day 🙂

Here’s to a new beginning!

I have decided that I should share more of my work on my blog, including any small project, practice, or process. Today I was playing with abstract photography. I did these for practice and based on basic principles of design such as composition, color, movement, and etc. I also just wanted to create something interesting and curious.

As I have been mentioning in some of my previous posts, I had a project I was working on for my art class. Here is what was produced:

The title of this piece is “Fitting In.” It is about the struggles of trying to “fit” into specific social circles and trying to feel wanted and accepted by a community. No matter how hard you (or the stuffed animals rather) try to literally fit into the glass, they will never make it to the desired destination because they will never be satisfied with what they have. In this sense, the true battle is an internal one where the problem they’re facing is really within themselves.

At the bottom of each glass is a mirror reflecting the heart of the struggle and the real problem being faced.

This presentation is also ironic because in a way, all of them are fitting in with each other by doing the same thing: squishing their bodies into a tight bottle. Sadly, they are blinded by their own perceptions of reality and focused on reaching an unattainable goal. So why stuffed animals? We’ve had them since childhood, a time where they were our friends along with imaginary ones. And because I’m sure most of us have had at least one stuffed animal that was dear to us in our lives, we feel bad seeing them suffer this way and create an emotional attachment to them.

I know that this is a problem I have also dealt with and can easily consume a person. But just like this piece is saying, I know that I am not the only person who struggles with finding acceptance or a sense of belonging. We’re all right next to each other not realizing our mutual feelings.

Enjoy the photos! Haha.

On a window sill…

I love looking at contemporary objects and interior design. When I look at them, or even buy an oversimplified clock or strange looking teapot, I feel sophisticated and in tune with “design.” And you know, its no wonder because when you really think about it, they all have the same concepts and elements of design as in the graphic arts.

Take this picture for an example:

It plays with harmonizing geometric shapes into one coherent piece. The circular shapes on the sides of the bed really make it contemporary looking- a lot of modern and contemporary shapes have rounded edges- and gives it a soft essence. The circle also symbolizes unity and a focus, which means all the focus of the piece is within the circle and the shape overall unifies the elements together. It also means wholeness, completion, and perfection.

Then you have the square bed inside the cylinder, the pillows, and the linear lines of the wooden planks on the exterior of the frame. These shapes contrast the circular ones balancing and stabilizing the overall piece (so it doesn’t run off!)

This is pretty much the same,except this is an interior  space. If you flatten the picture out into just shapes, it makes a balanced composition and the variety of shapes and sizes come into play quite nicely. Also, as a photo, it has the rule of thirds focusing the eye to the bottom right and balancing out with the more empty ceiling and windows. Not to forget that in both these photos color was taken into consideration with what compliments the other.

Finally, not omitting everything mentioned before, this one also adds movement and action with the center structure twisting in a languid motion. Again, the shapes are overly simplified to keep the design simple and clean and not overbearing.

I hope you enjoy the eye candy as much as I do!

After today, my posts will be based on my days abroad in Paris (so in a sense, it will temporarily turn into a travel blog haha). My plane leaves tomorrow and I cannot tell you enough how excited I am to get over there. My posts will probably be short, as they usually are, due to my limited time in the day I’ll have to be online and because I’m a person of few words (I do poorly when I try to explain something in depth). Anyhow, today I’ve got some french entertainment designs to share.

Below are two movie posters for french films:

Different styles, but interesting nonetheless.

I also discovered recently that the French love graffiti and street art. One such artist I stumbled upon is JR- a french artist who displays his work publicly in some of the largest cities by mounting enormous black and white photos onto (most of the time unauthorized) spaces. He calls it the largest exhibit in the world.

Pretty astounding and profound… If you love his work and would like to see more of his universal work, follow this link > JR Photos

And I’ll see you all in Europe!