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Hi everyone!

So remember that little sneak peak I shared of the poster I was working on a few days ago? I kind of left that dangle somewhere and jumped to something else… >___<  But that’s how things with me! Sometimes I have to be working on several projects at once to regain some creative juices. The real reason was, yes, I got stuck with where to go with it and I couldn’t make certain things work.

So instead, I started a new one and finished that today. It’s more of a fun, experimental piece. I was talking with my sister a few days ago about what sort of projects I should do to stay creative and she mentioned typography. That rang a bell in my head- I love typography! So that’s what I did, a relatively fast typographical poster playing with creating text with shapes and lines. Here’s how it came out!

Its not the most spectacular piece I’ve done…Because again, this was done pretty fast and just for fun. Feel free to check it out on my behance here.

Once more, I hope you are having a spectacular day! It has been raining here all this week, so I’ve been pretty much stuck in the house. But I guess that’s what I’m usually doing anyway    >n<

I’ll post some more stuff soon,

till then, Take care!


Hey all!

I’ve been pretty busy this past year, mostly because of the huge workload I’ve been getting and now with a job underway, I’ll be more swamped than ever! I still want to keep up with some of my own posters though so I started working on one again. Here’s a little sneakpeek at what I’m working on:

I haven’t actually done a lot yet, I still consider it in the very beginning stages (so its not much to look at!) I’ll have to see where this one goes since it isn’t exactly something I had in mind of working on.

Happy Saturday everyone, and a special shoutout to my sister: Happy Birthday Keia [Kato-Berndt]!!   Hope the day is planned with special festivities. Wish I could be there.


Hey everyone!

I finished the poster I was working on earlier this week today. Thanks for all the feedback! In the end, I decided to go with the red fish but changed the lines to white, it looked cleaner to me and helped the fish stand out (as opposed to the black lines). Hopefully I can get this printed, I’m also thinking of having it for my juries (which is like a huge portfolio review of the work I’ve done this semester). I started a second one to day and because school is just about done, I should be working on more stuff 🙂  I am extremely happy that this semester is over, it has been a long long ride. And obstacles. The weather has also been extremely nice this week, I hope it stays longer than it usually does.

Hmmm I guess that’s it for right now. My posts have been getting considerably shorter, but I suppose that isn’t a big problem. By the way- Art Basel is this week so if you live in Miami definitely go check it out! I couldn’t go today because I had class, but I do plan to go this weekend. For some reason I feel a little more hyped up about it this year. Anyway, have a great weekend you guys!

Hey everyone, hope your weekends are going well. I told my ex-coworker that I was going to put him on my blog this week, and today is that day. Peter and I had the chance to work on a collaborative piece earlier last spring, if you recall an early post I made about our graphic playing cards. Yes, that was him 😛 He definitely has his own style which you will see through the images and absolutely loves drawing (most if not all his works begin with detailed sketches). Sadly, I only got to work with him for a year before I moved back down to Miami, but I think there’s a real beauty of of moving. You meet new people and have the chance to broaden your networking. You never know where life will take you through old acquaintances.

So here are some photos of his pieces that I stole from his site (haha, don’t worry he doesn’t mind). If you like his stuff, check out his blog at Graphic Black.

Peter was so kind to actually give me one of his prints above (the 100 Charity), which I’m still looking for a place to hang it on the wall.

I know I haven’t posted much on my own work recently, but hopefully that changes soon. I haven’t been working on any of my own work recently (I know, bad designer!) and I’ve been stuck with only one assignment in my design class which is rather quite boring at the moment… -___- But I have started writing down ideas for projects to work on, so again, hopefully soon! Till then, take care!

After today, my posts will be based on my days abroad in Paris (so in a sense, it will temporarily turn into a travel blog haha). My plane leaves tomorrow and I cannot tell you enough how excited I am to get over there. My posts will probably be short, as they usually are, due to my limited time in the day I’ll have to be online and because I’m a person of few words (I do poorly when I try to explain something in depth). Anyhow, today I’ve got some french entertainment designs to share.

Below are two movie posters for french films:

Different styles, but interesting nonetheless.

I also discovered recently that the French love graffiti and street art. One such artist I stumbled upon is JR- a french artist who displays his work publicly in some of the largest cities by mounting enormous black and white photos onto (most of the time unauthorized) spaces. He calls it the largest exhibit in the world.

Pretty astounding and profound… If you love his work and would like to see more of his universal work, follow this link > JR Photos

And I’ll see you all in Europe!

As promised, here are some other finalists from the Chicago International Poster Biennal that I found most interesting. Again, there were many more entrees and they’re all terrific, so these were just my preferences in what was most visually appealing and looked polished.

  Wang Zhiqiang — China

Santiago Robles Bonfil — Mexico

Masayuki Terashima — Japan

Lin Shaobin — China

  James Victore — USA

Giselle Monzón Calero — Cuba

This last one was the winner for the student competition.

Chitchai Kuandachakupt, Japan
Biking is infinitely green

Hope you all found these to your liking like I did =]

I know I mentioned about posting more posters from the Chicago International Poster Biennal but I wanted to share a few things I saw while shopping in the mall today. Honestly, I really wanted to take pictures of packaging from every store in the mall but I knew I couldn’t because the shop owners would be disturbed and would shun away my camera.

I saw these Lollia soaps in these cute packagings but unfortunately, because I couldn’t take any of my own photos, this is one I found online. This isn’t the exact one I saw but its still very nice. The colors work well together and with the type. The composition is also clean and simple, which always works well.

BUT- I WAS able to take photos of their advertisements from outside the stores! Haha! So These are some of the ones I thought were interesting and well done:

Again, typography caught me >__<  The mix of fonts, sizes, and colors make the piece interesting while sending its message through hierarchy of scale: First thing you read is “US OPEN.” Then you see the words “Hurley” and “Tilly’s” which tells you the sponsors and who is hosting the event. Then of course you see “Win a trip to the” and “of surfing.”

I like this logo, I think its classy : ]

Once more, an ad made from typography (I’ve also seen it done at Panera too).

I hope you all had a great Sunday!

I came across awesome graphic posters from the 2010 Chicago International Poster Biennal. I’ll post a few here and I’ll probably post some more tomorrow because these are all really amazing. What’s also really neat is how different each designer’s style is and how their culture influences the type of the design and which direction the design is pulled.

This one is a poster by Korean Graphic Designer Seok Jaewon. This piece was a finalist in the Chicago International Poster Biennal, as well as the other designs posted:

This is from German Designer Goldstein (It doesn’t say his first name…)

A cool Jazz Piano by Joanna Górska And Jerzy Skakun from Poland.

And these last two are by Japanese Graphic Artist Gaku Ohsugi.

I’ll definitely post more of these tomorrow. These are all really inspiring and gives you a wide range of what graphic design is about and what can be done in that field. Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did   =]

Very far from the title of this post, my day was actually very quiet. It was one of those lazy days where you want to just laze around and sleep and do nothing, but I was able to get out of the house. For the first part of the title, “musical,” I have here a graphic piece based on Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” Primavera (aka Spring). Its a visualization of the song and since I played this song long ago on the cello, I’m able to visualize it-and it makes sense!

The next piece is about a worker’s day at Infographic. Its comical and very relatable and easy to comprehend because of the direct iconography. I also decided to pick two pieces that had similar color scheme just to make the post a little more cohesive :]