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New work is on its way to Behance soon! This time, we’ll be dealing with:



Cereal boxes, breakfast drink, and breakfast pastry. Be warned: high sugar content ahead.



Hello peeps!

So I’ve been working on a lot of projects and sadly just haven’t been keeping up with the posts on a regular basis.

Today I want to share a packaging project I did a few months ago. This company is called “aeffects.”

2013-12-06 15.37.55

This project was designing for a cause. Think Tom’s and their One for One campaign: “With every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need. One for One.” So aeffects is a company that redirects part of its proceeds (40%) towards the fight against animal abuse and neglect.

I thought it’d be interesting to approach this in a more graphical sense- literally graphic. And instead of having such an overdone serious tone to it, I thought that making it a little more “fun” and “playful” would jazz it up (even though the graphics themselves are anything BUT fun and playful-which I do love the contrast of it).

This packaging, however, isn’t just for one item but a pack. This pack includes sunglass, shoes, t-shirt, and a banner.


I’m planning to submit this piece to The 5th Annual The Dieline Awards. What are you thoughts? Should I submit it?

I haven’t posted this on behance yet, but I’ll update this post with the link once its up to see more info on the project.

Till then, Take care y’all!

Hello everybody!

Its time for another post of my most recent projects! Today I will be sharing the wrapping paper I designed for the imaginary company Wrap Happy (which I also invented :P)

To start things off, let me tell you a little about the company. Wrap Happy is a gift wrap company that focuses on the emotional aspect of gift-giving and receiving gifts. The emotions that prompt us to give gifts are displayed and illustrated through these papers. People give all sorts of gifts, from birthdays and holidays to the simple “just because” gift. I designed four different lines of paper for Wrap Happy but kept with a common style of illustrations and limited color palette to tie them all together. Since my project only required to make four different papers, I did mine on some basic themes such as love/romance, friendship, the winter holidays, and an everyday multipurpose wrapping paper.

I also had to create the packaging that the rolls of paper came in if someone wanted to buy them as a set. My original idea for the packaging was SO different from the actual outcome, due to my inability to find the right materials… So that evolved into another idea…which then was changed into ANOTHER idea because the measurements of the board I got was off. So basically, I had lots of trouble with the packaging but it didn’t end up too bad, considering how last minute I put the whole thing together (please don’t pay attention to the horrible craft quality! >__<)

You can also see more info and pictures of this project on my behance portfolio >>>> HEEERE

I hope you guys enjoyed this project and I’ll talk to you soon!

Hey everyone!

I apologize for not posting this week, I literally hadn’t had time due to the extensiveness of this workshop I have been attending. Luckily, I finished yesterday so now I am free to post again =]  These first two photos are for fun, I thought this first one was especially cute, although I’m not sure it entirely exists…

I want this keyboard, I’m not even kidding.

This next one is a product designed for kids. They are chairs that can fold gently for their comfort, I think it is made out of foam.

Not to mention the bright colors that definitely mix in with a kid’s bedroom =]

For me, I think playing cards are always interesting to work with when its done right. This is another design that cleverly fits that into the design equation successfully.

It is a European clothing company called Burn Card.

This next design is packaging for elastic bands, very colorful, fun, and creative.

And one more packaging design for food for thought 😉

Cacao Monkey, packaging for chocolate bars. This is a student work by Niamh Richardson who describes the work and the assignment: “The project was self-directed and the students were invited to write their own brief on whatever interested them the most. I chose to create an identity and packaging design for a fictional chocolate company called ‘Cacao Monkey’. The text on the front of the packaging was die-cut by hand into rough brown paper, chosen to suggest the organic chocolate. This reveals the bright aluminum foil beneath, which distinguishes each flavour of chocolate. The minimal design reflects the simple, honest ethics of the brand: organic, fairtrade and eco-friendly.”

Enjoy your weekends!


Today I bought a new watch! As usual, I don’t always intend to buy something when I do and today was no different. I was shopping at Goodwill for cheap items for my art assignment due next week and as soon as I walked through the door I saw it! Its the same watch my sister got months earlier (I even posted it up on my blog) but the colors are different. I love the color combination (I’m realizing more and more that I’m a sucker for pink…) which is really simple and soft, and the best thing about it is that it was super cheap (but the quality sure isn’t!)

Okay, so what’s the deal with me and these watches? I think it has a lot to do with contemporary design. It follows the same guidelines as graphic and interior design- form, function, color, cohesiveness, balance, shape, and so forth. There is nothing distracting in the design and everything is functional and kept straight to the point. And I’m not going to lie, I love contemporary objects.

A little chick posing with my watch:

I kept these bags from a couple of gifts my friends gave me from Japan because I liked the graphics on them. Again, they are simple, but I really do think that space can make a design or art piece more effective. If you have too much going on, the eyes of the viewer will be confused and might miss the message being conveyed. Sometimes it can just get overcrowded and overwhelming for the canvas. Of course this isn’t true for every design out there. Sometimes the purpose of the design needs to be intricate and completely covered, something I also love (like the huge mousepad I bought in Paris –click to see post). In a way, this first one seems “crowded” because it completely covers the bag with text, but it is straight-out bold and basic. As simple as it is, the artist still had to put a lot of thought into it before he/she came to this design. Should it be serif or sanserif? how should it be laid out? The shapes of the characters are even simplified and the balance of the circles and squares create a textile-like pattern.

Need I say more for this one? The same rules apply to this design as the previous one. Color also plays a role in this more so than the top one because the orange, green, and white had to all mix well together and the placement of those colors balance the canvas (I refer any surface of a design as a “canvas”).

Hopefully I write again sooner than I have been (but I’ve always been saying that, haven’t I?) I’ll try to keep you all updated about my sculptures I’ll be producing this semester. Till then, Ciao!

Hi everybody! Wow, it seems as though a year has past by since the last time I posted on here. Well I can proudly state that I am back and should be posting regularly again. Actually, I came back almost a week ago but I guess it has taken me that long to get over my jet-lag and to settle back into my “old life” again.

Being in Paris was like being under attack constantly with galleries and museums- There’s just too much to look at in a day, a week, or even a month! Just being in the Louvre takes courage to try and see everything (which isn’t going to happen unless you literally take 3 seconds on each painting and sculpture) or trying to keep your feet alive for over 6 hours or to walk up to the furious paparazzi crowd that surrounds the quiet painting- the Mona Lisa. Unfortunately, I find that taking pictures of a painting that you’ve already seen pictures of in textbooks or online is pretty redundant to take yourself, especially if your camera can’t even compete with those photos. So, that said, I will not post any pictures of the sort.

Getting on to the pictures: I went to this famous bakery called Ladurée. This place supposedly invented the colorful french macaroons that paint the windows of most french Patisserries. Not only is its packaging elegant and nicely designed but walking inside is a treat in itself. This is the box that my dessert came in.

The text itself works together wonderfully because of the different “textures” and hierarchy.

I bought this fantastic mouse-pad (yeah a mouse-pad) of a really interesting art piece I found online months before and HAD to get it. I got the mouse-pad because the poster was too expensive, besides, the mouse-pad is the size of my computer!

While I was there I was fortunate enough to find a load of prints tossed in a recycling bin in the school I had my classes. First of all, they were all perfectly fine, second of all, they were Steinlen prints! So I scooped them up and took them home with me, so now I have some free prints 🙂
This picture shows you the small thumbnail versions I also found in the bin:

And a couple of pages from my carnet de voyage (sketchbook journal) while I was in Paris:

This is a three layered piece with cut-out windows.

Hope you all a beautiful day!

Today’s post will be about wine! I mentioned it in my previous post how wine is incorporated in every french meal (well not EVERY meal). The purpose is to accent and compliment the food being eaten and is very much part of the entire dish like any other spice or seasoning.

This is a conceptualized packaging and label for the wine VIN by Adrian Gilling who graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. His design is based on strong angles and limited metallic colors to parallel the “crisp nature of the wine.” – Adrian Gilling

Another wine label based heavily on sharp edges and text.

A french packaging design for Promenade Wine (very french illustrations and colors).

Recently, my mother found this french wine at the grocery store on sale, you know, when the store puts a bunch of items they’re trying to get rid of in a shopping cart for real cheap. Well it was called “French Rabbit” and she decided to try it out. Turns out its a very nice wine (of course it is- its French!) I admit, I like the packaging the french do for wine, the pouch-like cartons (doesn’t mean I don’t admire the typical glass wine bottles either). Something fresh about these boxed ones…


And just for fun! I couldn’t resist this when I first saw it. The Anti-Theft Lunch Bags -Its very clever and hilarious, plus you’ll get to have your lunch for the day!

Can we say “saved by the mold?” Haha

As I inch nearer my trip over seas, I’ll be posting more relevant posts of that culture. As many of you know (if not all), Paris is a place where cafes are focal points for socializing, working, and for relaxing. You can practically find one at every corner of every street and easily sit with a cup of coffee and light sandwich or croissant while chatting, surfing the web, reading, or even thinking.

Because coffee is such a large part of french culture (just as wine accompanies most meals, coffee is almost always usually ordered at the end of a meal), I want to share some designs for a coffee shop branding. These come from one of my favorite graphic design studios, A-Side, which is set in the UK. This particular branding is for Origin Coffee.

Origin’s coffee cups. Simple, professional, and clean. The bottom one is more playful and colorful but still retains its elegance with its languid lines and muted color palette.

A coffee table book (below: cover and interior)

The coffee packaging (below)

And a breath-taking flyer that would definitely grab my attention as soon as I set eyes on it.

Please please visit their website for more creative and unique designs. It feeds my appetite for cool design and if I need inspiration and I promise you you’ll find something to your liking =]

Click Here to visit their website.

Have a good one!

I know I mentioned about posting more posters from the Chicago International Poster Biennal but I wanted to share a few things I saw while shopping in the mall today. Honestly, I really wanted to take pictures of packaging from every store in the mall but I knew I couldn’t because the shop owners would be disturbed and would shun away my camera.

I saw these Lollia soaps in these cute packagings but unfortunately, because I couldn’t take any of my own photos, this is one I found online. This isn’t the exact one I saw but its still very nice. The colors work well together and with the type. The composition is also clean and simple, which always works well.

BUT- I WAS able to take photos of their advertisements from outside the stores! Haha! So These are some of the ones I thought were interesting and well done:

Again, typography caught me >__<  The mix of fonts, sizes, and colors make the piece interesting while sending its message through hierarchy of scale: First thing you read is “US OPEN.” Then you see the words “Hurley” and “Tilly’s” which tells you the sponsors and who is hosting the event. Then of course you see “Win a trip to the” and “of surfing.”

I like this logo, I think its classy : ]

Once more, an ad made from typography (I’ve also seen it done at Panera too).

I hope you all had a great Sunday!

Now that I’m on the topic of packaging (I LOVE packaging) I found some other fantastic packaging ideas that are fun, clean, and well crafted.

These are ice cream cup bobblers created by junfei176 . These are perfect for children, a great way to make them eat their fruits and veggies (if you use the cups for that purpose instead of just ice cream).

This is really cute too. This one is called “Frusion” by designslave (on Deviantart). Another great idea for kids’ lunches.

And This:

I don’t even know if this is real or not (I think its hypothetical) but how cool would that be! A milk carton that says milk! (Judging by a couple of my past posts…I think it is clear that I’m in love with typography…)

haha…ha. I think its cool… >__>