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Hey guys!

I was browsing around on the web as I usually do and found this AMAAZING installation! At first I thought it was a permanent architectural piece but its not. This is an installation by french artist Serge Salat titled “Beyond Infinity.” It immerses all the senses using mirrors, light, music, and interwoven structures and creates an illusion of space by light refracting against the mirrors and architectural blocks in the room. This installation is sponsored by Buick Cars and functions as its showroom. This piece is installed at Westgate Mall in Shanghai and will be up from September 16-18th (2011). I Wish I could be there!

You can see how the mirrored floor expands and illuminates the room to create a modern and futuristic aura. The lights change colors as visitors move around the areas, sort of like what you would see in casinos or Tron.

This place looks so cool. Definitely try to visit if you happen to be in the area ­čÖé┬á This place looks gorgeous.

And I just can’t resist the urge to share with you these other things I found!

I’m still considering this sort of thing for my final piece… but this┬á makes you wonder how the heck the head is staying on.

If anyone has ANY idea whatsoever as to where I might find this or something similar to it, please let me know. I want this lamp so badly. Its perfect as a night light where it is soft for small kids and cuddly like a stuffed animal (but who’s to say I can’t still buy it for myself? HAha)

Thought this was adorable and hilarious. I also thought it would be appropriate to share right after my post on designer toys.

Hope these made your day!



Design by FLY_ART_S on the Behance Network.

I love looking at contemporary objects and interior design. When I look at them, or even buy an oversimplified clock or strange looking teapot, I feel sophisticated and in tune with “design.” And you know, its no wonder because when you really think about it, they all have the same concepts and elements of design as in the graphic arts.

Take this picture for an example:

It plays with harmonizing geometric shapes into one coherent piece. The circular shapes on the sides of the bed really make it contemporary looking- a lot of modern and contemporary shapes have rounded edges- and gives it a soft essence. The circle also symbolizes unity and a focus, which means all the focus of the piece is within the circle and the shape overall unifies the elements together. It also means wholeness, completion, and perfection.

Then you have the square bed inside the cylinder, the pillows, and the linear lines of the wooden planks on the exterior of the frame. These shapes contrast the circular ones balancing and stabilizing the overall piece (so it doesn’t run off!)

This is pretty much the same,except this is an interior  space. If you flatten the picture out into just shapes, it makes a balanced composition and the variety of shapes and sizes come into play quite nicely. Also, as a photo, it has the rule of thirds focusing the eye to the bottom right and balancing out with the more empty ceiling and windows. Not to forget that in both these photos color was taken into consideration with what compliments the other.

Finally, not omitting everything mentioned before, this one also adds movement and action with the center structure twisting in a languid motion. Again, the shapes are overly simplified to keep the design simple and clean and not overbearing.

I hope you enjoy the eye candy as much as I do!