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Doodling lettering for today.Picture 1


New work is on its way to Behance soon! This time, we’ll be dealing with:



Cereal boxes, breakfast drink, and breakfast pastry. Be warned: high sugar content ahead.


My BFA show has finally been installed and the reception was a huge success!

This was definitely a huge project and literal blood, sweat, and tears went into it (no, really.) I’m so happy that it turned out looking pretty much exactly like my mock-ups I had made earlier this year.

Thanks to all who helped me actualizing the piece and offering their hard work and labor. I wouldn’t have been able to complete it without you.

Basic CMYK

Entitled Half & Half (A Search) this piece deals with the search and understanding of my self-identity through growing up as a twin. This tackles issues regarding individuality, dependence/independence and self-worth.

All that’s left is taking it down (probably a more insane journey waiting to happen).