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Good Morning!

I just wanted to make a quick post on what I am currently working on. I’m doing a project called “10, 10, 100” (10 people, 10 questions, 100 answers). What it is is that I asked 10 people 10 questions about my topic, which in this case is childhood. Then I create a spread reflecting that person’s answers and/or personality.

Here are some snaps/sneak peaks:

Picture 1  Picture 9  Picture 10  Picture 11  Picture 12  Picture 13  Picture 14  Picture 15


Good Morning!

So I actually stumbled upon this a while ago while surfing Behance (which if you aren’t following me, feel free by clicking here 🙂

Death in Motion

Seriously, Check this guy out! In my opinion, these works are flipping AWESOME. (click here to see the page)

This series is called Death in Motion. Goverdose v2.0

Goverdose is a digital media/digital art group who have released one e-zine (hopefully more to come in the future!)

There is an entire atmosphere given here: There is the cinematic music, the sound effects, the dark background- all these things play a huge role in presentation. The attention to detail is pretty fantastic as well, and the subtle ways they add some animated effects make it that much more enticing.