The school year is beginning once again, which means its crunch time.

So I’ve been invited to participate in a pretty exciting project this year, which is being involved in Art Basel this upcoming winter. My school has a gallery in Wynwood and I happily accepted to have a piece up during Art Basel week. Even though Art Basel isn’t until a couple more months, I really need to get an idea together, which is proving difficult. I want to share some of my findings of some cool work that came up in my research for a piece to create (there are so many- I just can’t decide what I want to do!)

Here we go:

This top photo is a really cool piece and I was particularly drawn to it because of how it takes up the entire wall (which is sort of along the lines of what I’m trying to do). I’m not sure what medium it is, but it looks like paper, which is something that I love.

This next one is an alphabet made from glass. In the photo, it looks as though its attached to a wall, but its really just the angle of the photo (if you look to the bottom left you can see that its all sitting on a desk). But how cool would it be if it WERE attached to the wall?

This amazing wall piece by AJ Fosik is made from wood and nails. His works remind me of 3-dimensional versions of Niark1‘s illustrations.

Love the colors, shapes, and content of this sculpture! By Thomas Keeley

This last sculpture, which is time based, is really amazing. Created by Jiyeon Song, this piece reveals lines from a poem during different parts of the day. Viewers can have different experiences with the piece depending on when and how long the watch the piece.

These are just a few of the art works I’ve come across in my research. Lots of amazing work, but so amazing, that I just want to replicate it! (which obviously can’t be done).

Hope everyone was safe from Isaac!