Hey everyone!

I finished the poster I was working on earlier this week today. Thanks for all the feedback! In the end, I decided to go with the red fish but changed the lines to white, it looked cleaner to me and helped the fish stand out (as opposed to the black lines). Hopefully I can get this printed, I’m also thinking of having it for my juries (which is like a huge portfolio review of the work I’ve done this semester). I started a second one to day and because school is just about done, I should be working on more stuff 🙂  I am extremely happy that this semester is over, it has been a long long ride. And obstacles. The weather has also been extremely nice this week, I hope it stays longer than it usually does.

Hmmm I guess that’s it for right now. My posts have been getting considerably shorter, but I suppose that isn’t a big problem. By the way- Art Basel is this week so if you live in Miami definitely go check it out! I couldn’t go today because I had class, but I do plan to go this weekend. For some reason I feel a little more hyped up about it this year. Anyway, have a great weekend you guys!