Hi everyone!

So I haven’t been posting as much recently due to the overload of work these past weeks. But now that the semester is finally ending hopefully I will be able to work on some of my own work (I haven’t done anything of my own this entire semester!) And also I can start posting inspirational work from other artists again. Because I just realized yesterday that I have not been working on anything of my own, and could also be a good reason why I have felt so jaded recently, I decided to finally just do something for myself, even though I should really be focusing on this final project.

This is what I started on but as usual I got stuck on options. Something I think you all should know about me- I have a huge issue of being extremely indecisive at the best of times, including now. I’m posting some options of what I am working on in terms of color so that you can voice your preference. Again-THIS PIECE IS NOT FINISHED- all I’m asking is your preference of which direction you think I should go (or several-or all of them!)

The last two don’t have as much detail because these screen shots were taken earlier in the process. Your opinions count so thanks in advance!

Take care,