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Hi everyone!

So I haven’t been posting as much recently due to the overload of work these past weeks. But now that the semester is finally ending hopefully I will be able to work on some of my own work (I haven’t done anything of my own this entire semester!) And also I can start posting inspirational work from other artists again. Because I just realized yesterday that I have not been working on anything of my own, and could also be a good reason why I have felt so jaded recently, I decided to finally just do something for myself, even though I should really be focusing on this final project.

This is what I started on but as usual I got stuck on options. Something I think you all should know about me- I have a huge issue of being extremely indecisive at the best of times, including now. I’m posting some options of what I am working on in terms of color so that you can voice your preference. Again-THIS PIECE IS NOT FINISHED- all I’m asking is your preference of which direction you think I should go (or several-or all of them!)

The last two don’t have as much detail because these screen shots were taken earlier in the process. Your opinions count so thanks in advance!

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Good Evening everyone,

Its finally towards the end of the semester-something I have been waiting for for WAY too long, and with that comes my final project in WARP. I will admit that it is not the most proud piece that I have done this semester but when I really think about how the concept of it warped itself to bending me at its will…well, I can say that’s pretty cool.

So what IS the piece about? It actually went through a lot (a LOT) of revision as to what the idea was. The final product is the idea of how the attempt at attaining beauty cripples us – physically, internally, emotionally –  and the amount of money, time, and energy we spend to actualize that vision. So before going on, here is what it looks like:

This is made straight pins (those pearly needles that people sometimes use to pin point spots on a map). Over thousands of them in different colors, and on the back side of this fabric are the needles poking through.

As you guessed, it isn’t finished. One reason is because of how ridiculously expensive this tiny thing turned out to be and how much time and stress was focused on it. It even frustrates me when I talk about it because when I look at the piece, I wouldn’t even believe my own story and would think that the artist (which is me) is simply lazy. But there is no reason to lie about anything here so this is the cold hard truth: I hated working on this.

Remember the concept of the piece? Its ironic how the process of making this fits better than the actual outcome of the physical object. On my quest to create something pretty on one side, I became obsessed with it and that was all I was doing for weeks-working on pinning pins through a blanket. It took all of my time, it cost me tons of money (over $160), and hurt my back from kneeling over so much.  I think the act of creating this was the art itself, not like in a performance piece, but having this as the document of that labor. Anyway, its up to you to decide how you feel about it.

And here are some more detail pics



Hi guys,

I haven’t posted any inspirational art or artists for a while, so now’s a good time to get back into that habit. I was browsing around the web for inspiration for my final project when I came across the artist Haroshi. His series of works are made from recycled used skateboards in which he creates these beautiful wooden sculptures. They keep the wooden integrity while adding specks of color in the pieces. They are hyper realistic (which is incredible to think its made of wood in some of them) but keep a playful tone to it. His work just seems honest, honest to what he loves to do, in this case skateboarding and making art. They are simple sculptures yet extremely complicated within the sculpture’s simple form. Because of the duality of his work on being complicatedly simple, he creates this sort of elegance that sends you in awe. At least it does for me 😛

Here are some of his works, ranging in scale, complexity, and subject.


If you find him as amazing as I do, here’s his link to his website:

Stay motivated and inspired!