Hello again!

Because Halloween is coming up and I never decorate, I decided to make some small attempt at decorating this year, by making some little ghosts! I made those really simple ghosts that you would usually make with tissues or socks where its just a big round head and no body. I was telling my dad about doing it when he then educated me about what they really are (in the Japanese culture). They are called teru teru bozu, which literally translates as “shine shine monk.” The japanese farmers would make these little spirit-like dolls for good weather and to prevent rain from coming. In other words, its kind of like a prayer, which I found to be really ironic because I always thought they were just ghosts for Halloween as a child. The whole idea is so cute that even knowing what they mean, I made them for Halloween. 1) because they look like ghost so it multi-functions! 2) Its been raining so much recently that we could use some teru teru power to bring us nice weather. Here are some pictures of them hanging on my tree :3

What is everyone else doing for Halloween?