I finally finished my graphics assignment and guess what we’re up to next? LOGOS! I never used to like making logos, probably because I never had the correct practice or mind set and never had a decent outcome, but now I love them. At least the idea of creating clever designs. Logos are so important to a company, it is the emblem to the company/organization and serves the purpose for the audience to recognize the company faster than reading its name. Think of McDonald’s golden arches which is internationally recognized so easily. There was even a study that children will recognize the McDonald’s symbol faster than their names. Pretty crazy, huh?

I want to share some very creative and mostly clever logo designs that say everything in its logo. A lot of them incorporate the name of the company, which I think almost adds to its cleverness (not all logos are strictly images such as Starbucks or Apple. Think of Coca-Cola or FedEx).

From top left to right: Drip, Fit, Duotone, Foot. See how simple these logos are but convey the idea of the name of the company or what the company is? These next four better illustrate a logo making a play on words while encompassing the idea of what the company does.

Left to Right: BarCode, Mother & Child, Families, Food Writers.

Killed Productions






Turtle Island Spas


I hope this stirs some creativity in your afternoon. I hope to create something just as fun, simple, and straight to the point like these, we’ll see what I come up with 🙂  There are a lot more great logo designs that go beyond a flat and 2-dimensional feel but I only posted these flat ones because they are able to show up in black in what better (its what I have to do for my assignment, so I apologize for limiting the images!). I’ll post some more of the 3-dimensional logos later this week. OH! and today I will be taking the photos for my latest sculpture in the park, I’ll post that as soon as I’m done.

Take care guys (and girls)!