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Hi everyone!

I know I haven’t posted in a long while, due to several projects assigned simultaneously. The latest project I finished was a conceptual piece, and although I think all art has concept applied, this piece is weighed more heavily on its concept rather than its aesthetics. I apologize in advance for the poor photos, I wasn’t able to get better pictures, especially since there were students that were in the way and didn’t want to move -___- Anyway, you can still get the idea with these photos. My entire piece takes up a lot of the space in the hallway because there is a pair of binoculars in the middle of the hall in which you are to look through and see the word “focus” fixed on the opposite wall at the end of the hallway.

This is the piece in the hallway and at the end of the hall (where the kids are sitting) there is the word “focus” on top (you might be able to spot some funny grey spot on the wall. That’s where the word is).

I’ll let you figure out what it meansย  > u O

I should be posting up more of my design stuff soon, I’m working on three logos and their packages, so stay tuned!

Till then, Seeya!


Hello again!

Because Halloween is coming up and I never decorate, I decided to make some small attempt at decorating this year, by making some little ghosts! I made those really simple ghosts that you would usually make with tissues or socks where its just a big round head and no body. I was telling my dad about doing it when he then educated me about what they really are (in the Japanese culture). They are called teru teru bozu, which literally translates as “shine shine monk.” The japanese farmers would make these little spirit-like dolls for good weather and to prevent rain from coming. In other words, its kind of like a prayer, which I found to be really ironic because I always thought they were just ghosts for Halloween as a child. The whole idea is so cute that even knowing what they mean, I made them for Halloween. 1) because they look like ghost so it multi-functions! 2) Its been raining so much recently that we could use some teru teru power to bring us nice weather. Here are some pictures of them hanging on my tree :3

What is everyone else doing for Halloween?

Today’s entry is a simple post. Here’s another abstract photo I took today. I’m finding that taking these abstract photos are really enjoyable and relaxing. It is also fun to experiment different techniques with them. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this photograph ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy the rest of your night.

Hi all!

As promised, here is my second post for my Typa-blog. This one was done relatively fast so it may not seem as polished as my previous one, but I wanted to make sure I had one for today. Hopefully I can produce more sophisticated pieces throughout the week but I am a bit swamped with work. Today’s entry is a short one.

Ever heard of the phrase “cute as a button?” Do you agree with the saying or do you think it doesn’t make sense at all? Let me know in the comments! Hmm all of these buttons may be telling me something about Halloween coming up…

Hey everybody!

I was talking with my sister the other day who is also studying design and she mentioned keeping a typography journal. I think its actually a really good idea. It keeps your brain working as well as the creative juices flowing. So what I’m going to start doing is keeping a typographic journal, or typojournal…or typoblog…type-a-blog. TYPA-BLOG! Hah… you’ve just witnessed my brain in action.

By doing this, it should help me to post more often, show you some more interesting works of my own, and mostly help me stay creative and active in design because all of this other homework is getting the best of me. To start this Typa-blog, here’s my first image I did today. It went through several stages before finally ending up as this and I’m pretty satisfied with how it came out ๐Ÿ™‚

It isn’t an obvious photo where its completely light and happy as the word denotes. Instead, it is set in a dark setting but the word “smile” is lit like a candle referencing how the simplest act or kindest gesture can warm someone’s heart or brighten someone’s day ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s to a new beginning!

I have decided that I should share more of my work on my blog, including any small project, practice, or process. Today I was playing with abstract photography. I did these for practice and based on basic principles of design such as composition, color, movement, and etc. I also just wanted to create something interesting and curious.

Hey everyone,

So these are the final results of my self-portrait magazine article for the word “silly.”

I apologize for the low resolution photos but for some strange reason when I converted them into jpegs the colors got disfigured… =/ย  Anyway, I wanted to share my ending results on this project. 3 logo designs will be coming soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today’s post is a little bit random, but I always find those to be fun. I have a fascination with pop-ups. You definitely have to have skill to create them and its actually a lot of work (trust me, I’ve done it) so when I see insane designs it blows my mind. I found this insane video on ABC3D Alphabet Pop-up book that is incredibly creative, well crafted, and clever design. The ideas are somewhat simple yet the execution of them are far from that! “ABC3D is an innovative and exciting new alphabet pop-up book by French designer, Marion Bataille.”

Some screen shots:

Definitely check out the video, its so much more impacting watching it in action than these pictures.

This one isn’t really a pop-up but I thought it was neat as well as this next one ๐Ÿ™‚

I was going to share some other neat art other than paper/pop-ups which is why I initally said this post would be random, but I think the pop-ups alone is enough for today ๐Ÿ™‚

What are some of your favoriteย  paper/pop-up art?

Hi everyone!

I finished my Belief sculpture a while ago but the reason I hadn’t posted pictures of it was because I wanted to get better shots, the way it was supposed to be. Sadly, I’ll have to do with what I have because as I was going to re-shoot the photos this weekend, there are several problems: 1) its still incredibly windy (my sculpture is made out of balloons so you can guess how that will turn out), 2) its raining this whole week, 3) my balloons are deflated.

As you can see, there’s not much to go on. And the sad thing is that I payed for the balloons to last a week, which is obviously not the case. Even now when I stare at them I feel a little depressed. Oh well, such is life =/ย  I do want to throw out this question however: If your art piece is meant to be outside to complete the work of art but the weather does not permit you to do so, should your grade be jeopardized? In my opinion, I don’t think so. Its not like I can control the weather, who can? And just because an art work is meant to be outside doesn’t mean it has to be waterproof, windproof, hurricane and tornado proof, there are other famous works that don’t necessarily withstand weather but are meant to be installed outside. Andy Goldsworthy’s entire body of work is made from nature and is completely ephemeral. So is mine, but if I had to show it to the class, how can I do that if its destroyed because I left it outside to die? Anyway, the point is, my teacher gave me a bad grade just because it wasn’t outside. Its as though he didn’t even take into consideration the actual piece itself, its meaning, and overall theme. well that’s motivating.
And I apologize for this not too happy post, I guess I just need to share with someone my disagreement and frustration. Here are some photos of the piece, although I’ll admit it doesn’t look too great because again, it wasn’t in the correct setting. Its based on spirituality, so I’ll let you all discover what its about ๐Ÿ™‚ Try to image in it being in a big open field with the mirrors reflecting the sky…

Have a great weekend!

Some pics to help you imagine the sky in the mirrors

untangling my balloons…