There is the grey scale and then there is color. When you add color to a design, it creates a whole other dimension to the idea and function. Its always a good idea to add color to a piece because we humans are attracted to it and color will make your piece stand out in the blandness of a neutral wall or building.

As a designer, I personally love color. The brighter they are, the more attention grabbing it is (of course I’m not saying all great pieces have to be obnoxiously psychedelic neon). It grabs a person’s attention because it stands out from the city-scape backdrop and pleases the eye. For instance, pink and green are calming colors and promotes relaxation in people. Perhaps that is why some people feel at peace when surrounded by nature, and as Vicki Santillano and Divine Carolinehow state, “how angry could you stay in a bright pink room?” Red and yellow are high stimulating colors which is probably why they are used in traffic lights. They force your eye to notice it, like poppies in a field.

mmmm now lets see some cupcakes :]

Feel the difference? Most, if not all, people are much more attracted to the rainbow of colors in the second image, 1) because its bright, 2) it is associated with happiness and joy. Color also adds a sense of fun to a design, or rather, almost anything. That’s why so many children’s toys, furniture, and accessories are so full of bright colors- its carefree and not perceived as serious.

Going back to how it relates to design work and art, it creates more possibilities for the look of the piece. It also allows room for cluing in the audience to the entire message being given. A pop of color can instantly “brighten” the mood of a piece and ultimately affect the people who are surrounded by it, using it, or viewing it. It overall creates a more positive outlook in the audience.

I love this cake! It makes me feel like it was specifically made for artists because it looks like the color wheel :]

Color can also be used as a medium to unify the entire composition of an image as seen above. And here are some other photos just for the heck of it:

Filling your day with color ❤

Take care!