Hey everyone, hope your weekends are going well. I told my ex-coworker that I was going to put him on my blog this week, and today is that day. Peter and I had the chance to work on a collaborative piece earlier last spring, if you recall an early post I made about our graphic playing cards. Yes, that was him 😛 He definitely has his own style which you will see through the images and absolutely loves drawing (most if not all his works begin with detailed sketches). Sadly, I only got to work with him for a year before I moved back down to Miami, but I think there’s a real beauty of of moving. You meet new people and have the chance to broaden your networking. You never know where life will take you through old acquaintances.

So here are some photos of his pieces that I stole from his site (haha, don’t worry he doesn’t mind). If you like his stuff, check out his blog at Graphic Black.

Peter was so kind to actually give me one of his prints above (the 100 Charity), which I’m still looking for a place to hang it on the wall.

I know I haven’t posted much on my own work recently, but hopefully that changes soon. I haven’t been working on any of my own work recently (I know, bad designer!) and I’ve been stuck with only one assignment in my design class which is rather quite boring at the moment… -___- But I have started writing down ideas for projects to work on, so again, hopefully soon! Till then, take care!