Today I’m talking TOYS! Okay, so who hasn’t heard of kidrobot? I actually just discovered one of their stores in my city yesterday as I was coming back from the Bass Museum (in Miami). I definitely have to go back and check it out, these stores are definitely not common! If you are a fan of kidrobot then I can probably infer that you are fond of designer toys. Unfortunately, due to their expensive prices I don’t have the collection I would like to imagine having, but I think I might consider collecting them in the future, haha (maybe).

I’m not particularly advertising kidrobot in specifically and I’m certainly not getting paid by them to do so (although that would be nice), just the idea of the toys. They are unique by their non-conventional designs that coat the objects. I find them to be somewhat inspirational for graphic design and in a sense, the two are very alike. Its basically taking a flat design and placing it on something 3 dimensional.

or sometimes plain and simple and focused more on the shape and space that it occupies.

The two above give better examples of graphic designs translated onto a 3D object. It also allows for another option for graphic artists to display their art in more interesting ways that can also be mass produced.

Kidrobot doesn’t only have designer toys, they have usable devices such as flashdrives, clothing, books, and an assortment of flat merchandise. And if you are starting to question art and commercialism, I am not going to discuss it now because trust me, this is a topic that can last for a while and has caused some heated discussions within my family.

There are also other designer toys such as Friends with You, Tokidoki, and many other artists.

This next one is a paper toy by Shin Tanaka. The one on the right is a vinyl version of the same character, his T-BOY.

So really, you can be as creative as you want and make toys out of practically almost anything! (Preferably things that won’t rot). Watch out for when I create my line of toys! 😀 Hah, I’ll definitely let you all be the first to know if that ever happens.

Till then, take care guys!