Hey everybody!

This was my second assignment I did for my sculpture class. The instructions were literally to sculpt the nude model in front of us out of a block of clay, with as much detail and correct proportions possible. Hmm, okay.

How much time do we have to build this? Two days.


So I get to work, not to mention this is the first time I have ever really worked with clay and a model. Eventually I get to a point where I’m just doing it, building, subtracting, moving around the room and it begins to look somewhat like a person. I leave the first day and feel pretty satisfied with where I am with the piece. I come back the following class and lo and behold! Our model transformed into something COMPLETELY different. The only thing that literally remained the same was her gender. My instructors then tell us that because the model is different, we have to adjust our sculptures to look like this new model. Looovely. Haha, so I never got to the extreme details that I had planned but for the time given to us (basically sort of shortened to one and maybe a half days) it came out pretty well.

I apologize for the poor photo quality, I took these photos at night and haven’t had the chance to take some better ones yet. Here are some other views of it (I didn’t get a view of the back, oops).

So it isn’t a masterpiece, but I’m pretty happy with it. 🙂