I have a special post for today 🙂 Starting tonight, I’m attending a four-day workshop with the Spanish Graphic Designer Manuel Estrada. He’s from Madrid, Spain and came to Miami to give us (my classmates) advice about the industry and working with clients as well as walking us through some of his processes of creating a design or logo. He is also conducting two assignments for us to accomplish this week in five-hour lessons a day: 1) create a logo, 2) design a book cover.

He is a very nice man and his work is quite accomplished and thought out.

logo for Fundación Repsol. Did you notice what the abstract shapes are? 🙂 The colors are the organization’s colors.

Logo for Biblio Metro


I just love how innovative his designs are, how they are straight to the point yet clever and express everything the company is about. Obviously this man knows what he is doing and is no wonder a valued designer. I consider myself very privileged to be in his presence and to be interacting with him one on one in a workshop 🙂

This logo is neat because of its totem-like structure which allows it to be read both vertically and horizontally (as seen below). It can then be rendered into four different ways. This was done for the Feria de Arte de Madrid (Madrid Art Fair Exhibition) which carried a legacy of a typographic image throughout the years, which is also why this fits well for its purpose.

Definitely check out his website: Manuel Estrada

He has lots of great work. Hopefully I can become as successful as him and as great as a designer (this workshop should get me started!). Wish me luck, and I hope you can all stay motivated.