Hi everyone!

While I’m busy trying to figure out what I am doing for my next art project and final project, I am once again side tracked by awesome artists and artworks (although I guess it isn’t really considered “side-tracking” :P). If you have never heard of Friends With You, check them out now! I love collecting designer toys (or rather WISHING I could buy them all…) and I remember buying one of FWY’s designer toys for my older sister. I forgot the name of it until today when my colleagues said one of my vector characters reminded him of it.

Honestly, if I saw these guys walking around that would make my day. They just bring so much happiness to a place, which is exactly their purpose. Friends With You brings luck, joy, and magic with their colorful characters and happy faces. They also opened up “Rainbow City” in New York City which collected thousands of visitors a day! It was basically a huge park with huge blown-up rainbow inflatables. I don’t really know what you did there but I won’t lie, I would  have gone.

A beach ball…I live in Miami…hmm

The best part of all this? The two creators are from Miami 🙂

Visit their website for more happy walking inflatables: FriendsWithYou

Contrasting FWY but similar in style is a better known artist I love, Takashi Murakami. I say contrasting because of the intent of his artwork and characters. I admit that I didn’t know the meaning behind his work until quite recently. Murakami revolutionized the world of art by questioning the line between western and eastern cultures. He also challenges the lines between art and commerce and history and culture. His most recent installations have been about the post A-bomb Japanese popular culture which of course can have a dark connotation to it.

His psychedelic paintings are absolutely amazing.

Look how happy he looks! How often do you see an adult japanese man walking around in an all flower suit? You gotta love this guy…

I am seriously considering doing my final project on one of my characters…I keep thinking about it.

Make a WISH! 🙂