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Hi everyone,

I apologize for not posting in so long! I’ve been extremely busy this past week because all my projects were due and I was scrambling to finish them. My box project was due this past wednesday so I wanted to share with you how it came out. I’m actually really happy about the outcome because the night before, everything was crashing down on how I would install the actual piece in the classroom and everything I had worked on went down the drain (so to speak). What I ended up doing ironically became a MUCH better solution to my original plan, maybe God really does do everything for a purpose. Anyway, on to the photos!

The first two photos show the set-up of the piece with the lights on. I didn’t take photos of what the final decision for the draping turned out to be, which I tacked onto the wall so it became more part of the piece, but I was still partial to it…I’m not sure if that was the best way to display it… anyway, these pictures will suffice.

And here are the photos of the piece in action! (not literally)

My idea was relatively simple. I wanted to make boxes out of shadows, something that isn’t completely tangible but delineates space, and I chose to do four boxes to show how I play with light and the requirements of making the medium casting the shadow smaller in order to keep the same 3-inch width. The piece was focused a lot of technicality and I guess, in a way more graphical. The spacing between each box was 3 1/2 inches, the width and heights of them were all 3″ x 3″ and were horizontally aligned. The hardest part was getting the light to be in the perfect spot where all of the boxes were even (I got worried when it was my turn for critique because someone had moved the light…exactly what I was paranoid about but I fixed it).

My next project is due next week so I’ll show you that one when its done (I need to buy the materials this weekend). And again, sorry for neglecting my blog for a while, I’ll make another post with graphic design soon!

Enjoy the weekend ~


Hey everyone!

I know I haven’t been posting much of my own work up so I’m going to show you what I have been working on for the past month in my design class (I know- a month?? That’s way too long).

The assignment was to create a magazine spread on ourselves (so in a way, its a self-portrait). We had to design three different designs based on three different words that describes us, good or bad. After we critiqued them we helped each other decide which one to make two more spreads with based on that spread’s elements and word. For instance, the one I’m expanding on is based on the word “Silly.”

Because this one was selected for my final pieces I have to make two more spreads to complete the make-believe article on myself (sounds like I’m repeating myself a lot, sorry >.<)

So far this is what I have come up with for my second spread (in progress):

And I haven’t started on the third one yet, but I am definitely starting that this weekend. Before you comment on the “header” of this page, all of the text is placement/dummy text, including the header (hence the reason it says “header” haha). There is no way I would be able to create an entire article on myself- how awkward is that!

This is another spread based on the word “directed.” It has a completely different feel than the one above because my interpretation of the word “directed” means someone who knows what they want and where they are going, straight forward, and bold. It also plays with the motion of “direction” and creates a specific movement from point A (top left corner) to point B (“GOAL”) signifying a journey or road. Its still in progress though (the black squares could use some adjustments).

AAAAnd….my third one is still in “remodeling” mode which becomes slightly ironic because the word that it is based on is “indecisive.” I think what is going to end up happening is me turning in a design I’m unsure about which makes it all the more hilarious and frustrating at the same time. It all makes sense why that word describes me. >  orz

As for my box project, I should be finishing that this weekend or early next week (because it is due next wednesday) so I’ll post that up as soon as I can. I can’t wait to tell you all what I have planned for my next sculptural assignment which is based on belief.

Until then, Have a great weekend!

There is the grey scale and then there is color. When you add color to a design, it creates a whole other dimension to the idea and function. Its always a good idea to add color to a piece because we humans are attracted to it and color will make your piece stand out in the blandness of a neutral wall or building.

As a designer, I personally love color. The brighter they are, the more attention grabbing it is (of course I’m not saying all great pieces have to be obnoxiously psychedelic neon). It grabs a person’s attention because it stands out from the city-scape backdrop and pleases the eye. For instance, pink and green are calming colors and promotes relaxation in people. Perhaps that is why some people feel at peace when surrounded by nature, and as Vicki Santillano and Divine Carolinehow state, “how angry could you stay in a bright pink room?” Red and yellow are high stimulating colors which is probably why they are used in traffic lights. They force your eye to notice it, like poppies in a field.

mmmm now lets see some cupcakes :]

Feel the difference? Most, if not all, people are much more attracted to the rainbow of colors in the second image, 1) because its bright, 2) it is associated with happiness and joy. Color also adds a sense of fun to a design, or rather, almost anything. That’s why so many children’s toys, furniture, and accessories are so full of bright colors- its carefree and not perceived as serious.

Going back to how it relates to design work and art, it creates more possibilities for the look of the piece. It also allows room for cluing in the audience to the entire message being given. A pop of color can instantly “brighten” the mood of a piece and ultimately affect the people who are surrounded by it, using it, or viewing it. It overall creates a more positive outlook in the audience.

I love this cake! It makes me feel like it was specifically made for artists because it looks like the color wheel :]

Color can also be used as a medium to unify the entire composition of an image as seen above. And here are some other photos just for the heck of it:

Filling your day with color ❤

Take care!

Hey everyone, hope your weekends are going well. I told my ex-coworker that I was going to put him on my blog this week, and today is that day. Peter and I had the chance to work on a collaborative piece earlier last spring, if you recall an early post I made about our graphic playing cards. Yes, that was him 😛 He definitely has his own style which you will see through the images and absolutely loves drawing (most if not all his works begin with detailed sketches). Sadly, I only got to work with him for a year before I moved back down to Miami, but I think there’s a real beauty of of moving. You meet new people and have the chance to broaden your networking. You never know where life will take you through old acquaintances.

So here are some photos of his pieces that I stole from his site (haha, don’t worry he doesn’t mind). If you like his stuff, check out his blog at Graphic Black.

Peter was so kind to actually give me one of his prints above (the 100 Charity), which I’m still looking for a place to hang it on the wall.

I know I haven’t posted much on my own work recently, but hopefully that changes soon. I haven’t been working on any of my own work recently (I know, bad designer!) and I’ve been stuck with only one assignment in my design class which is rather quite boring at the moment… -___- But I have started writing down ideas for projects to work on, so again, hopefully soon! Till then, take care!

Hey guys!

I was browsing around on the web as I usually do and found this AMAAZING installation! At first I thought it was a permanent architectural piece but its not. This is an installation by french artist Serge Salat titled “Beyond Infinity.” It immerses all the senses using mirrors, light, music, and interwoven structures and creates an illusion of space by light refracting against the mirrors and architectural blocks in the room. This installation is sponsored by Buick Cars and functions as its showroom. This piece is installed at Westgate Mall in Shanghai and will be up from September 16-18th (2011). I Wish I could be there!

You can see how the mirrored floor expands and illuminates the room to create a modern and futuristic aura. The lights change colors as visitors move around the areas, sort of like what you would see in casinos or Tron.

This place looks so cool. Definitely try to visit if you happen to be in the area 🙂  This place looks gorgeous.

And I just can’t resist the urge to share with you these other things I found!

I’m still considering this sort of thing for my final piece… but this  makes you wonder how the heck the head is staying on.

If anyone has ANY idea whatsoever as to where I might find this or something similar to it, please let me know. I want this lamp so badly. Its perfect as a night light where it is soft for small kids and cuddly like a stuffed animal (but who’s to say I can’t still buy it for myself? HAha)

Thought this was adorable and hilarious. I also thought it would be appropriate to share right after my post on designer toys.

Hope these made your day!

Today I’m talking TOYS! Okay, so who hasn’t heard of kidrobot? I actually just discovered one of their stores in my city yesterday as I was coming back from the Bass Museum (in Miami). I definitely have to go back and check it out, these stores are definitely not common! If you are a fan of kidrobot then I can probably infer that you are fond of designer toys. Unfortunately, due to their expensive prices I don’t have the collection I would like to imagine having, but I think I might consider collecting them in the future, haha (maybe).

I’m not particularly advertising kidrobot in specifically and I’m certainly not getting paid by them to do so (although that would be nice), just the idea of the toys. They are unique by their non-conventional designs that coat the objects. I find them to be somewhat inspirational for graphic design and in a sense, the two are very alike. Its basically taking a flat design and placing it on something 3 dimensional.

or sometimes plain and simple and focused more on the shape and space that it occupies.

The two above give better examples of graphic designs translated onto a 3D object. It also allows for another option for graphic artists to display their art in more interesting ways that can also be mass produced.

Kidrobot doesn’t only have designer toys, they have usable devices such as flashdrives, clothing, books, and an assortment of flat merchandise. And if you are starting to question art and commercialism, I am not going to discuss it now because trust me, this is a topic that can last for a while and has caused some heated discussions within my family.

There are also other designer toys such as Friends with You, Tokidoki, and many other artists.

This next one is a paper toy by Shin Tanaka. The one on the right is a vinyl version of the same character, his T-BOY.

So really, you can be as creative as you want and make toys out of practically almost anything! (Preferably things that won’t rot). Watch out for when I create my line of toys! 😀 Hah, I’ll definitely let you all be the first to know if that ever happens.

Till then, take care guys!

Hey everybody!

This was my second assignment I did for my sculpture class. The instructions were literally to sculpt the nude model in front of us out of a block of clay, with as much detail and correct proportions possible. Hmm, okay.

How much time do we have to build this? Two days.


So I get to work, not to mention this is the first time I have ever really worked with clay and a model. Eventually I get to a point where I’m just doing it, building, subtracting, moving around the room and it begins to look somewhat like a person. I leave the first day and feel pretty satisfied with where I am with the piece. I come back the following class and lo and behold! Our model transformed into something COMPLETELY different. The only thing that literally remained the same was her gender. My instructors then tell us that because the model is different, we have to adjust our sculptures to look like this new model. Looovely. Haha, so I never got to the extreme details that I had planned but for the time given to us (basically sort of shortened to one and maybe a half days) it came out pretty well.

I apologize for the poor photo quality, I took these photos at night and haven’t had the chance to take some better ones yet. Here are some other views of it (I didn’t get a view of the back, oops).

So it isn’t a masterpiece, but I’m pretty happy with it. 🙂


Just Because….

This is make-up packaging that can stack in a slick modern fashion.

This was just too cute NOT to put in. More tea [bag] packaging  =]

More tea. I love tea, and I think designing packaging for it allows for a lot of possibilities and creative solutions such as these.


And a neat little logo/design/packaging (I know, too many slashes) by Andreu Zaragoza:

“Herokid™ is a clothing brand created by Robert Roman (Registred Kid). The main reference for this brand and the people who compose it, is the culture of skateboarding and street art from the streets of Barcelona.

The concept for this package was to create a box that can be a T-shirt package and also a decorative and promotional element. The Herokid logo served as inspiration to design a package in corrugated carton that needs no adhesive for assembling.”

This reminds me of my box project I should be working on. Box project. Need to start working on. Need an idea. Inspiration. Sigh.

If anyone has a fantastic idea or thoughts about the word “box” or the concept of a box, leave a comment. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hey everyone!

I apologize for not posting this week, I literally hadn’t had time due to the extensiveness of this workshop I have been attending. Luckily, I finished yesterday so now I am free to post again =]  These first two photos are for fun, I thought this first one was especially cute, although I’m not sure it entirely exists…

I want this keyboard, I’m not even kidding.

This next one is a product designed for kids. They are chairs that can fold gently for their comfort, I think it is made out of foam.

Not to mention the bright colors that definitely mix in with a kid’s bedroom =]

For me, I think playing cards are always interesting to work with when its done right. This is another design that cleverly fits that into the design equation successfully.

It is a European clothing company called Burn Card.

This next design is packaging for elastic bands, very colorful, fun, and creative.

And one more packaging design for food for thought 😉

Cacao Monkey, packaging for chocolate bars. This is a student work by Niamh Richardson who describes the work and the assignment: “The project was self-directed and the students were invited to write their own brief on whatever interested them the most. I chose to create an identity and packaging design for a fictional chocolate company called ‘Cacao Monkey’. The text on the front of the packaging was die-cut by hand into rough brown paper, chosen to suggest the organic chocolate. This reveals the bright aluminum foil beneath, which distinguishes each flavour of chocolate. The minimal design reflects the simple, honest ethics of the brand: organic, fairtrade and eco-friendly.”

Enjoy your weekends!