As I have been mentioning in some of my previous posts, I had a project I was working on for my art class. Here is what was produced:

The title of this piece is “Fitting In.” It is about the struggles of trying to “fit” into specific social circles and trying to feel wanted and accepted by a community. No matter how hard you (or the stuffed animals rather) try to literally fit into the glass, they will never make it to the desired destination because they will never be satisfied with what they have. In this sense, the true battle is an internal one where the problem they’re facing is really within themselves.

At the bottom of each glass is a mirror reflecting the heart of the struggle and the real problem being faced.

This presentation is also ironic because in a way, all of them are fitting in with each other by doing the same thing: squishing their bodies into a tight bottle. Sadly, they are blinded by their own perceptions of reality and focused on reaching an unattainable goal. So why stuffed animals? We’ve had them since childhood, a time where they were our friends along with imaginary ones. And because I’m sure most of us have had at least one stuffed animal that was dear to us in our lives, we feel bad seeing them suffer this way and create an emotional attachment to them.

I know that this is a problem I have also dealt with and can easily consume a person. But just like this piece is saying, I know that I am not the only person who struggles with finding acceptance or a sense of belonging. We’re all right next to each other not realizing our mutual feelings.

Enjoy the photos! Haha.

On a window sill…