My sister showed me something really amazing yesterday. She sent me a link about a huge tower made entirely out of 30,000 neon post It notes! This project was done by Tato and his students from Kyoto University of Art and Design (this is installed at the ARTZONE Gallery in Kyoto City, Japan).

Ever since my project in Paris dealt with Post It notes I have found the medium to be quite compelling and meaningful. My project was inserted into the city of Paris and was meant to be taken apart by the city’s dwellers. The full piece had the words “Prenez Celui” which translates to “Take One” in french. Post It notes have so much connotation to it based on what its main use for it is, such as writing “to do” lists, reminders or memos, shopping lists, notes to a friend, or in my case writing important login information for various school related online systems. Because of the meaning behind the Post It notes, I definitely feel the impact of the piece.

Actually, I find it really coincidental that my sister sent this to me yesterday. I am suppose to be thinking of my final project for this semester already and began brainstorming ideas about small boxes, something “light” or elegant and having multiples of it set in a structured way. Then I see this article and BAM. This is it. This is what I want to do. I mean, this is close to perfectly what I want to do. Of course I can not simply reproduce someone’s else idea so my brainstorming isn’t completely completed yet. If you want to read more about this article click here. There are some beautiful photos of the intricate designs these sticky notes make.

This photo is of my project done in Paris during the duration of installation. I admit it isn’t as glamorous as these other projects are (see below) and I could have gone further with it but now that I see what CAN be done with them, I am definitely inspired and hoping to do something more exciting in the future.

Here are some other photos of the creativity of Post Its.

If you go to you will see various projects, of which all of them are spectacular, made with Post It notes (the above photo is one of them). The first one that shows up on the page reminds me of my project, the interaction with the people in the area. For me, interactive art work makes a piece more personable and fun because it is more than just looking at something- you are a part of the art.

I hope this inspires you and has opened your mind to the wonders of creating something wonderful out of an ordinary and common object. Keep your minds open!