Ok, so I realize I’m not the best with keeping up with blogs…but to be perfectly honest, I have been going through a tough time in many aspects of my life. If only life were as easy as we want it to be.


Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to post an entry about illustration. In high school, I thought about possibly going to college to major in illustration. I find illustration to be an escape. Just like story telling is a way to alleviate the pains of reality, illustration provides its own stories and can give us the visual escape we need. I also admire how a single image can tell a metaphor or allegory. It is very clever, inspiring, didactic, informative, or expressive. Here are some interesting illustrations I took a liking to.

This one actually sort of provides a sense of how I’m feeling at the present…

This next one reminds me of my sister’s artwork. She works a lot with pen and ink and with drawing animals integrated with humans.

Check out some of her work here.

This next one has a more digital/graphic feel to it, which is part of the reason I decided to add this one to my post. It’s very clean, simple, and well rendered.

One cannot deny beautiful craftsmanship when they see it 🙂  Now doesn’t this totally create a stunning visual story?