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As I have been mentioning in some of my previous posts, I had a project I was working on for my art class. Here is what was produced:

The title of this piece is “Fitting In.” It is about the struggles of trying to “fit” into specific social circles and trying to feel wanted and accepted by a community. No matter how hard you (or the stuffed animals rather) try to literally fit into the glass, they will never make it to the desired destination because they will never be satisfied with what they have. In this sense, the true battle is an internal one where the problem they’re facing is really within themselves.

At the bottom of each glass is a mirror reflecting the heart of the struggle and the real problem being faced.

This presentation is also ironic because in a way, all of them are fitting in with each other by doing the same thing: squishing their bodies into a tight bottle. Sadly, they are blinded by their own perceptions of reality and focused on reaching an unattainable goal. So why stuffed animals? We’ve had them since childhood, a time where they were our friends along with imaginary ones. And because I’m sure most of us have had at least one stuffed animal that was dear to us in our lives, we feel bad seeing them suffer this way and create an emotional attachment to them.

I know that this is a problem I have also dealt with and can easily consume a person. But just like this piece is saying, I know that I am not the only person who struggles with finding acceptance or a sense of belonging. We’re all right next to each other not realizing our mutual feelings.

Enjoy the photos! Haha.

On a window sill…



Design by FLY_ART_S on the Behance Network.

My sister showed me something really amazing yesterday. She sent me a link about a huge tower made entirely out of 30,000 neon post It notes! This project was done by Tato and his students from Kyoto University of Art and Design (this is installed at the ARTZONE Gallery in Kyoto City, Japan).

Ever since my project in Paris dealt with Post It notes I have found the medium to be quite compelling and meaningful. My project was inserted into the city of Paris and was meant to be taken apart by the city’s dwellers. The full piece had the words “Prenez Celui” which translates to “Take One” in french. Post It notes have so much connotation to it based on what its main use for it is, such as writing “to do” lists, reminders or memos, shopping lists, notes to a friend, or in my case writing important login information for various school related online systems. Because of the meaning behind the Post It notes, I definitely feel the impact of the piece.

Actually, I find it really coincidental that my sister sent this to me yesterday. I am suppose to be thinking of my final project for this semester already and began brainstorming ideas about small boxes, something “light” or elegant and having multiples of it set in a structured way. Then I see this article and BAM. This is it. This is what I want to do. I mean, this is close to perfectly what I want to do. Of course I can not simply reproduce someone’s else idea so my brainstorming isn’t completely completed yet. If you want to read more about this article click here. There are some beautiful photos of the intricate designs these sticky notes make.

This photo is of my project done in Paris during the duration of installation. I admit it isn’t as glamorous as these other projects are (see below) and I could have gone further with it but now that I see what CAN be done with them, I am definitely inspired and hoping to do something more exciting in the future.

Here are some other photos of the creativity of Post Its.

If you go to you will see various projects, of which all of them are spectacular, made with Post It notes (the above photo is one of them). The first one that shows up on the page reminds me of my project, the interaction with the people in the area. For me, interactive art work makes a piece more personable and fun because it is more than just looking at something- you are a part of the art.

I hope this inspires you and has opened your mind to the wonders of creating something wonderful out of an ordinary and common object. Keep your minds open!


Today I bought a new watch! As usual, I don’t always intend to buy something when I do and today was no different. I was shopping at Goodwill for cheap items for my art assignment due next week and as soon as I walked through the door I saw it! Its the same watch my sister got months earlier (I even posted it up on my blog) but the colors are different. I love the color combination (I’m realizing more and more that I’m a sucker for pink…) which is really simple and soft, and the best thing about it is that it was super cheap (but the quality sure isn’t!)

Okay, so what’s the deal with me and these watches? I think it has a lot to do with contemporary design. It follows the same guidelines as graphic and interior design- form, function, color, cohesiveness, balance, shape, and so forth. There is nothing distracting in the design and everything is functional and kept straight to the point. And I’m not going to lie, I love contemporary objects.

A little chick posing with my watch:

I kept these bags from a couple of gifts my friends gave me from Japan because I liked the graphics on them. Again, they are simple, but I really do think that space can make a design or art piece more effective. If you have too much going on, the eyes of the viewer will be confused and might miss the message being conveyed. Sometimes it can just get overcrowded and overwhelming for the canvas. Of course this isn’t true for every design out there. Sometimes the purpose of the design needs to be intricate and completely covered, something I also love (like the huge mousepad I bought in Paris –click to see post). In a way, this first one seems “crowded” because it completely covers the bag with text, but it is straight-out bold and basic. As simple as it is, the artist still had to put a lot of thought into it before he/she came to this design. Should it be serif or sanserif? how should it be laid out? The shapes of the characters are even simplified and the balance of the circles and squares create a textile-like pattern.

Need I say more for this one? The same rules apply to this design as the previous one. Color also plays a role in this more so than the top one because the orange, green, and white had to all mix well together and the placement of those colors balance the canvas (I refer any surface of a design as a “canvas”).

Hopefully I write again sooner than I have been (but I’ve always been saying that, haven’t I?) I’ll try to keep you all updated about my sculptures I’ll be producing this semester. Till then, Ciao!

Ok, so I realize I’m not the best with keeping up with blogs…but to be perfectly honest, I have been going through a tough time in many aspects of my life. If only life were as easy as we want it to be.


Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to post an entry about illustration. In high school, I thought about possibly going to college to major in illustration. I find illustration to be an escape. Just like story telling is a way to alleviate the pains of reality, illustration provides its own stories and can give us the visual escape we need. I also admire how a single image can tell a metaphor or allegory. It is very clever, inspiring, didactic, informative, or expressive. Here are some interesting illustrations I took a liking to.

This one actually sort of provides a sense of how I’m feeling at the present…

This next one reminds me of my sister’s artwork. She works a lot with pen and ink and with drawing animals integrated with humans.

Check out some of her work here.

This next one has a more digital/graphic feel to it, which is part of the reason I decided to add this one to my post. It’s very clean, simple, and well rendered.

One cannot deny beautiful craftsmanship when they see it 🙂  Now doesn’t this totally create a stunning visual story?