Yesterday I went to Auvers-Sur-Oise, the place Vincent Van Gogh spent most of his time and where he died. May I say one of the BEST days I’ve had in Paris thus far? It was the day of a huge village festival so there were many tables set selling great artisan crafts and many delicious food vendors for cheap (I spent most of my money on the food). There was also a marching band that went up and down the street- they were pretty fantastic.

Stringed flags strung across the street. It was windy so they were flapping a lot and they sounded like crowds clapping.

The marching band getting ready to start again.

Then there was this guy.
And he was herding geese.

Ok, NOT the best picture (the guy in the red and on the bike was NOT him. Its the guy behind the geese wearing black and a hat). I took a great video though of the geese being herded by that lovely dog on one end of the street and the marching band playing and approaching on the other end of the street. It was greeeaaat haha!

I went into the house that Van Gogh stayed in and saw the room he gave his last breath in, then saw a heart-throbbing slideshow about his thoughts and how much he loved the country side… Yeah…I have a greater and new found respect and appreciation for Van Gogh. But the town was absolutely lovely and was exactly how Vincent had described it: Picturesque.




My friends and I went to visit his grave and along the way we stumbled upon his wheat fields. I cannot tell you enough just how excited we all were! They were gorgeous!

My friend Ellie in the wheat field.



The unforgiving sky…

It was also neat because the town had signs with some of Van Gogh’s paintings of the spots he painted- IN the exact spot. Check it out:

OK maybe not the best shot of this angle but this is where he painted this painting! There were many more too, one of the church and more of the wheat field.

We saw his and his brother Theodore’s graves sitting together peacefully in a beautiful cemetery. I went back a second time to drop off a flower for the two brothers.


Again, everything this day was beautiful and the festival was lively, fun, and entertaining. There was a section with animals running around and you could pet a goat or bunny. They also had horses for small children to ride and some kiddy ride (although I TOTALLY wanted to go on it, sadly I forgot to). Everyone was in high spirits, the weather turned out to be breezy (a bit chilly in the morning and it sprinkled on us a bit but otherwise was still lovely).

Talk to you all soon!