Another one of my excursions out of the city in Paris to Vaux le Vicomte. We went on the night they lit over 2,000 candles in the castle and in the gardens.

This first one was a visit to see an amazing Anish Kapoor piece that was insanely huge and was like a breathing creature. Pretty fantastic.

Saw the Moulin Rouge (HAD to see it :P)

And not too far was the Amelie Cafe! The cafe that was set in the movie 🙂 I had a mocha mint frappe and my sister got the creme brulee (which was amazing).

And here we are! Finally made it to Vaux le Vicomte. The grounds are enormous, I would seriously take an evening stroll there every day if I could. Sadly I can’t because it is extremely far from where I am staying (we took a long bus trip there so I wouldn’t know how to get there anyway, plus you have to pay to get in).

Thats about it for now. I apologize for not posting as often as I would have liked (and now my site stats are taking a plunge as well! Oh darn…I’ll have to pick things up once I get back to the states. Till then, hope everyone is living their lives to the fullest.

A Bientot!