Bonjour! (it would actually be “bonsoir” here)

I’ll post just a few pictures of what I did today. First of all, if I haven’t mentioned it before, there is never a dull day here. My schedule is packed and loaded with so much to do and so much going on that my feet are falling off my legs, but I’m enjoying every bit of it (other than the slight pains and such). Today was officially my first day of class. We went to Jeu De Paume and saw an exhibit on Claude Cahun (the pre-Cindy Sherman) and the South African photographer Santu Mofokeng.

Below is the Jeu de Paume

My sister snapping some photos



The buildings in Paris are just gorgeous. Everywhere you walk is an interesting sight and its like your walking through history by being surrounded by all the old architecture and unique little shops (other than the touristy areas). I can’t ever find myself saying anything looks trashy or dirty (it just adds to the rusticness to it!) You could also see an amazing view of the fantastic monuments in Paris. I walked pass the Luxor Obelisk (the tall structure in front of the Eiffel Tower) which is the oldest monument in Paris- dating 3,300 years old. It was a gift from Egypt. I have not yet visited the Eiffel Tower but my day is set and I am ever so excited (no matter how stereotypical it is…but I most definitely am enjoying the rest of Paris!)

After the museum, my sister and I went to the Notre Dame.

We were awe-struck.
The Notre Dame is something you must see yourself. just the size of the cathedral is breath-taking and catches you off guard because of how close it is to other buildings and how it pops up out of nowhere. The size makes you feel so insignificant and it amazes me how humans were able to create such architecture centuries ago…there really isn’t much I can say about it because I cannot find the correct or proper words to describe this monumental work of art.