Hey all! As you know, I’m currently studying abroad in Paris for a month, which leaves great opportunities to share what I find. The only problem is that the internet is very unreliable at my current residence so because of this problem, I probably won’t be posting anything for the month of June (I apologize greatly!) But I’ll try to get a post or two in whenever I can…

Paris is a beautiful city with tons to do and not a single place that is dull. It can be very tedious to get settled in familiar with all the transportation (but its amazing! you can get practically anywhere with it and walk the rest of the distance!). Days are extremely long, the Sun rises early and sets late (I woke up around 6am thinking it was late because of how bright it was outside, but it clearly wasn’t!) and it doesn’t start to get dark till 9:30pm (I’m getting a little confused at when dinner time and bed time is because of this -__-).

All in all, the first day was pretty interesting…I did all the touristy things today, like going to Montmarte and riding the Bateau Mouche (tourist boat ride). I basically got robbed about $20 by two men…won’t get into that story now, but I was basically upset with myself the rest of the day. But I’ll have to get over that…Don’t want to ruin the rest of the trip (still got lots to do!) And BOY did I get a full workout. I was moving about the entire day, quite tiring for an out-of-shape girl, but it was rather enjoyable (once I got home and ate). Hopefully the rest of the month is much much kinder and exciting 🙂

Hope for the best for everyone,

Au revoir!