Today’s post will be about wine! I mentioned it in my previous post how wine is incorporated in every french meal (well not EVERY meal). The purpose is to accent and compliment the food being eaten and is very much part of the entire dish like any other spice or seasoning.

This is a conceptualized packaging and label for the wine VIN by Adrian Gilling who graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. His design is based on strong angles and limited metallic colors to parallel the “crisp nature of the wine.” – Adrian Gilling

Another wine label based heavily on sharp edges and text.

A french packaging design for Promenade Wine (very french illustrations and colors).

Recently, my mother found this french wine at the grocery store on sale, you know, when the store puts a bunch of items they’re trying to get rid of in a shopping cart for real cheap. Well it was called “French Rabbit” and she decided to try it out. Turns out its a very nice wine (of course it is- its French!) I admit, I like the packaging the french do for wine, the pouch-like cartons (doesn’t mean I don’t admire the typical glass wine bottles either). Something fresh about these boxed ones…


And just for fun! I couldn’t resist this when I first saw it. The Anti-Theft Lunch Bags -Its very clever and hilarious, plus you’ll get to have your lunch for the day!

Can we say “saved by the mold?” Haha