As I inch nearer my trip over seas, I’ll be posting more relevant posts of that culture. As many of you know (if not all), Paris is a place where cafes are focal points for socializing, working, and for relaxing. You can practically find one at every corner of every street and easily sit with a cup of coffee and light sandwich or croissant while chatting, surfing the web, reading, or even thinking.

Because coffee is such a large part of french culture (just as wine accompanies most meals, coffee is almost always usually ordered at the end of a meal), I want to share some designs for a coffee shop branding. These come from one of my favorite graphic design studios, A-Side, which is set in the UK. This particular branding is for Origin Coffee.

Origin’s coffee cups. Simple, professional, and clean. The bottom one is more playful and colorful but still retains its elegance with its languid lines and muted color palette.

A coffee table book (below: cover and interior)

The coffee packaging (below)

And a breath-taking flyer that would definitely grab my attention as soon as I set eyes on it.

Please please visit their website for more creative and unique designs. It feeds my appetite for cool design and if I need inspiration and I promise you you’ll find something to your liking =]

Click Here to visit their website.

Have a good one!