When I made my first post a couple weeks ago, it was about my trip to Paris. Well its still true! I’ll be leaving next tuesday! I’m tremedously excited, especially since it will be officially my first experience out of the country. So today’s post is French inspired in honor of this exciting event.

This was simply something I found that would definitely give you the idea and feel for Paris (as the Eiffel Tower can do that easily)

I found a fantastic French graphic designer, Toan Vu-Huu, who has some beautiful pieces. If you like his work, you can visit his website www.toanvuhuu.com. I will only post some of his pieces to give you a sneak peak of his work: very clean, elegant, and slightly playful as a French artist should be  =)

“Logo for the symposium event Berlin–Paris 2030 […]” — Toan Vu-Huu

This is the portfolio for French Architects Élisabeth Naud and Luc Poux.

A postcard for visual identity…

This link > click here! shows you all the amazing things you can do as a graphic designer with one design

Definitely definitely check him out! He’s an amazing graphic artist worth gawking at. Hope your day is friendly!

à bientôt!