I know I mentioned about posting more posters from the Chicago International Poster Biennal but I wanted to share a few things I saw while shopping in the mall today. Honestly, I really wanted to take pictures of packaging from every store in the mall but I knew I couldn’t because the shop owners would be disturbed and would shun away my camera.

I saw these Lollia soaps in these cute packagings but unfortunately, because I couldn’t take any of my own photos, this is one I found online. This isn’t the exact one I saw but its still very nice. The colors work well together and with the type. The composition is also clean and simple, which always works well.

BUT- I WAS able to take photos of their advertisements from outside the stores! Haha! So These are some of the ones I thought were interesting and well done:

Again, typography caught me >__<  The mix of fonts, sizes, and colors make the piece interesting while sending its message through hierarchy of scale: First thing you read is “US OPEN.” Then you see the words “Hurley” and “Tilly’s” which tells you the sponsors and who is hosting the event. Then of course you see “Win a trip to the” and “of surfing.”

I like this logo, I think its classy : ]

Once more, an ad made from typography (I’ve also seen it done at Panera too).

I hope you all had a great Sunday!