I came across awesome graphic posters from the 2010 Chicago International Poster Biennal. I’ll post a few here and I’ll probably post some more tomorrow because these are all really amazing. What’s also really neat is how different each designer’s style is and how their culture influences the type of the design and which direction the design is pulled.

This one is a poster by Korean Graphic Designer Seok Jaewon. This piece was a finalist in the Chicago International Poster Biennal, as well as the other designs posted:

This is from German Designer Goldstein (It doesn’t say his first name…)

A cool Jazz Piano by Joanna Górska And Jerzy Skakun from Poland.

And these last two are by Japanese Graphic Artist Gaku Ohsugi.

I’ll definitely post more of these tomorrow. These are all really inspiring and gives you a wide range of what graphic design is about and what can be done in that field. Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did   =]