My sisters and I are planning a little tea party for ourselves, mainly for our younger sister since we haven’t had a chance to really hang out with her these past two weeks. So today we went “shopping” for a few things for the event and planned for what food we’ll make.

We’re thinking of making cucumber and butter sandwiches like these for our afternoon tea (a traditional tea time sandwich).

And of course, because I have to add design to my post and I’m talking about tea, here are some neat tea packagings I found:

These little tea tins have cute and colorful designs on them. I had one similar to these, it was an earl grey tea.

Although this is hilarious and clever, it is slightly disturbing. Think about it…a person, possibly someone you know like the president, is sitting in your tea cup…and you’re drinking what they’re sitting in…

This one is a fold out bird teabag which I find to be beautiful. I would love to have an elegant bird tea bag steeping in my cup : )

These are cute. They are individual tea bags individually wrapped in its own packaging. I love the various colors and shape.